Do you know good excuses??

There are many people that are good with excuses and there are many people that aren't,but lieing isn't always the best and telling the truth isn't always the best so take the quiz and see which is best for you!

Are you good with excuses? Do you have what it takes to have excuses that really work? Until now you cn only wonder!!! But thanks to this 12 question quiz you will find out!!!

Created by: Casey

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  1. If you get an F in math and you need a parents signature. What would you do?
  2. You forgot your homework and your teacher askes you were the homework is what would you do
  3. if you lose your ipod and your mom wants to use it.What would you do?
  4. Say you broke your dads new plasma screen TV because you were playing ball in the house. What would you do?
  5. You drop your little sister when your walking up the stairs.What would you do?
  6. Your at school and your teacher says you cheated on a test. What would you do?
  7. Say you borowed your friends cell phone and you had it in your pocket when you were swimming and it broke.What would you do?
  8. Say you forgot about swim practice and the coach is really harsh, and you miss the whole thing. What do you do?
  9. The guy/girl asked you out and you can't make it because you have a championship soccer game. What would you do?
  10. say you forgot your CD player at your friends house in Florida and you live in MA

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Quiz topic: Do I know good excuses??