Don't Gimme Excuses pt 4

Here is part 4 of Don't Gimme Excuses. Sorry that it's quite short, and sorry for the long wait! I'm on a three week holiday now, so yay! More parts of both my stories *should* be out!

Here is part 4 of Don't Gimme Excuses. Sorry that it's quite short, and sorry for the long wait! I'm on a three week holiday now, so yay! More parts of both my stories *should* be out!

Created by: vulturemonem

  1. I let Sadie down, momentarily watching her bound around the vermillion carpeted floor. "So, what do we have and what do we need?" I asked, directing my question at Cici. "We have our 'what the hell happened' in Matthews diary. We have witness statements and signatures. We need Frankies diary to prove our predictions and a handwriting match," Cici said, looking doubtful at the last one. I grinned. "I can help with that. I know he HAS a diary, since he was three apparently. And what girlfriend wouldn't have a random video of Frankie writing a Christmas card to someone that doesn't exist? She would OBVIOUSLY have the card as well!" I stated sarcastically. They laughed at my quick mood changes today. "But, no offence here you two, you've been great. How in God's name to we GET his diary?" I asked. "I really have no idea Sally," Matthew said. Cici looked down at Sadie. "I want to use that bundle of joy as an excuse to see her mother again! She was sooo cute!" Cici whined. "That's it! Cici you genius!" I cried in ecstasy. "I know! But what did I do?" Cici asked happy but completely bewildered. "Sadie for her mother, me for Frankie! I've left something behind and I'm with my best friend. What's odd about that? My best friend does some secret snooping. I let out a cry when I 'find' it, ie, when you find the diary Cici, pretend to stuff it in my bag, then we disappear fast!" I yelled!
  2. "Sally that is an inspired idea!" Matthew said. "Inspired by moi!" Cici replied. "Whatevs Cici, I don't really care, yeah? I just want justice. When?" I asked exited. "Err? Hmm? Let me think... We have the perfect plan and no reason to delay. I think in three weeks time, by then a problem will arise which will be perfect. Just brilliant," said Matthew sarcastically, "Maybe, like, right now?!" "Jeez! Calm down bro! But uh, yeah, I'm lets go team, gang, group... Yeah, let's go!" Cici piped. I sighed at her attempt at sounding clever, or weird! I put Sadie in Matthew's arms and then the two of us left the house, excited, adrenaline coursing through our veins.
  3. "Car, bike or bus?" Cici asked. "Car would be safest I think," I replied. I climbed into the dirty blue car and Cici turned the key. The engine roared into life and we drove off on the five minute journey. Cici pulled up outside his house and I ran to the door. Ding dong ding dong, ding ding dong. I tapped my foot, waiting impatiently for Frankie to answer the door. At last it opened with a quiet click and Frankie poked his head around it. He grunted in indignation when he saw us, "What?" he demanded. "I left something behind, can I get it?" I asked sweetly. He grunted again and opened the door. Hormonal teenager alert! I skipped up the stairs and pretended to be digging around for my 'lost' item. I heard Cici move to a different room. "Yes!" Cici said, louder then she had meant to. I gave her a reproachful glance an dmouthed, shut up! But the damage had been done. I heard heavy footsteps on the stairs. "Why are you quite so happy?" Frankie asked suspiciously. I shook my head. "Cici solved a maths puzzle that had been bugging her," I said feebley. How lame Sally? How lame? "I don't believe you. I'll take that thank you," he said, snatching his diary on the word that. I let out an audible groan. "Think I'm painful do you? You little," he began. "No actually. I was groaning because you trod on my toe," I said politely. "We'll be going now." As soon as we were in the car we both yelled and swore.
  4. "What the hell do we do now Sally?" Cici cried. "How the hell should I know? I'm new to this!" I said, hitting the gas and taking the familiar route back to their house. She groaned and I thumped the steering wheel. I hated this. Like, really hated it. "Maybe we get a court order?" Cici suggested. I rounded on her. "What the hell? A court order for what? To..." but I never finished my sentence, for at that moment, as I took my eyes off the road for less than a second, the red jeep rounded the corner, driving insanely and on the wrong side of the road, smashing into our car. We both screamed as the windscreen shattered and rubbed collapsed in, showering us with glass. The car spun, and I heard a snap and a searing pain broke out through my left arm. We hit something hard, a lamppost or a tree, and I felt the obvious effects of whiplash, although my sight was going. Black spots were crippling my vision and I felt something sticky trickling down my forehead, dripping onto my chest. I tried to glance across and look at Cici, but couldn't. I was stuck in an awkward position, and my neck hurt too much to move. I was comforted only by the fact I could hear steady breathing next to me. At least we weren't dead. I heard somebody shout from outside, and I tried to shake my head to regain my vision, but to no avail. I heard someone knock on the car, and I scrambled desperately to move, to find a way out.
  5. "Miss? I'm so sorry! I was out of control! I've called someone, can you hear me?" asked a young male voice. "Yes," I replied hoarsely, my voice scratchy and my throat burning. I groaned as a wave of nausea hit me, and I feebly threw up in the car, unable to roll down a window to get rid of the smell of sick, sweat and blood. I clutched my arm as fire seemed to burn through it. I gasped for air, it seemed like I was drowning in my own...blood? I panted, my breathing irregular. I could hear voices, more than one now, but they were blurred. It was like listening to them through a door, or on an old broadcast when the sound quality wasn't so good. I heard myself groan, and then scream. I wasn't entirely sure why I was screaming, only that it hurt so much it was numb. I heard scrapes and clawing sounds, before a blast of cold air hit me. I felt myself being pulled from the...were we in a car?...and then something was wrapped around me. I heard shouts, and orders being barked. At least they sounded like orders. Then blackness engulfed me.
  6. I awoke to the smell of a hospital. Ugh. Too clean. I wrinkled my nose in distaste. Then I remembered the accident. I wiggled my toes, then my fingers. One hand seemed to be encases in something, and then I remembered about my arm. I groaned and pulled my eyes open. I looked straight into the eyes of Cici, who looked worse for wear. "I'm so sorry Sally!" she cried. I patted her hand awkwardly, and shook my head. "S'not your fault. Stupid Jeep. Got any water?" I asked, my voice dry, sore and cracked. Cici nodded miserably and handed me a bottle from her bag. "You broke you arm, just above your wrist, and you hit your head, but it's ok now. You had pretty bad whiplash, and they want to check you can move your neck freely, so I'm gonna do the unthinkable and call a nurse," Cici said, a slight glimmer in her eye. I smiled faintly as she pressed the call button. "You?" I asked. "I'm ok. I broke a rib and have a messed up face for a while, but I've...well I guess I haven't been worse," she said, laughing slightly. A nurse came in at that moment. "You've been out for a while love, four days. Your boyfriend was so worried," she said smiling kindly. I gaped at her. "What? I don't have a boyfriend," I said, my mind turning horribly to Frankie. "She means Matthew, Sally," Cici said, winking. I relaxed. That was ok then. A man in a white coat came in next, a doctor no doubt. Great. Note the sarcasm. He checked my vitals, then asked me to sit up, before introducing himself as Dr.Walter and explaining what Cici had told me moments before. "I want to keep an eye on your neck for a day or so, but you should be out my the end of the week, latest," he said smiling, and hurrying off. What was it with men in white coats? Chemists and physicists were the same!
  7. "Sally!" called a voice from the doorway. "Matthew!" I said, smiling at him. He sat down opposite Cici, and took my hand. "You scared me. Don't ever do that again," he said, fiercely. I nodded, not liking the fact I had caused my friends pain. I sighed. I could see a nurse coming in with pain medication. Stuff that would send me back to sleep. "Why do I have to sleep more?" I grumbled. Matthew chuckled, and grinned at me, ruffling my hair affectionately. The nurse injected them into my arm, and I immediately felt drowsy. As she left, I posed me question quietly. "What do we do Matthew?" I asked. He sighed, running his hand through his brown, messy hair. "I don't know Sally, I'm sorry," he said. "Never mind," I said quietly, though I doubt my sentence was coherent anyway. Sleep was soon pulling me under, but I though I heard Matthew say something to me. I couldn't be sure, but it sounded like four words I could never trust again. "I love you Sally."
  8. I'm so sorry to end it there, but I had too! I'm on holidays for Easter now (three weeks, yay!) so I should be able to get some more stuff out. Hopefully another couple of Hogwarts Love Story too. Sorry for the shortness! vulturemonem xX
  9. Life is a candle!
  10. vulturemonem xX

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