Don't Gimme Excuses pt 2

Well, here is part two. Sorry I haven't posted for so long. Hope you like it. Comment, rate, contact me at the email address at the bottom. Read on my reader.

Well, here is part two. Sorry I haven't posted for so long. Hope you like it. Comment, rate, contact me at the email address at the bottom. Read on my reader!

Created by: vulturemonem

  1. Okay reader, sorry I haven't updated in forever, the next parts will be in the first person. Sorry!
  2. I watched with my hands on hips as Frankie twaddled upstairs. I shook my head and picked up the dropped beer bottle. Frankie appeared to be becoming a drunk. I hoped otherwise. I turned on the cooker and broke two eggs into the pan. I flipped them onto a plate and set out jam and toast. As I was making coffee Frankie came downstairs, washed and shaved. I smiled gratefully. "Hey Frankie, I've made breakfast," i said. He blushed. "mm, Sally, I've had breakfast, at the pub. Becky made it. She does a damm fine egg!" I glared at him, "Becky? That obese twit that calls herself a barmaid, Frankie I thought better of you," I replied angrily.
  3. (warning, this story will not be many parts) Just then the doorbell rang. I ran to open it. "Hi Cici!" I called to my best friend,"Hi Matthew," I greeted her brother. "Sally, is Frankie home?" Cici asked. "Yes, why?" I asked startled. "Sally come with us, we need to talk to you," Matthew said, leading me over to the large oak tree. "Sally, the fact is that, well I'm going to flat with you Sally, Frankie is cheating on you," Matthew said. I stared at him in disbelief. "It's true Sally, I wouldn't lie to you, we were in the pub yesterday. We saw him come in, kiss Becky, then bad mouth you," Cici said in earnest. "It's not true," I gasped. "It is Sally," Cici said. I shook my head as tears sprang to my eyes, "It can't be, you must be lying its not like you have a true boyfriend Cici, you're just jealous, trying to make me sad!" I screamed. "Sally," Cici said. "She's not Sally, trust us, please." I stared at them then ran back to the house sobbing. I slammed into Frankie who saw my red eyes. "What happened Sally, what is it?" he asked hugging me closely.
  4. I looked out of the open door to where Cici and Matthew were still standing. I saw their looks of hatred to Frankie, I snuggled closer into Frankie for comfort. He slammed the door and lead me to the living room. "Just ignore them Sally, their obviously jealous. Of course I'm not cheating," he said softly into my hair. "I didn't believe them for a minute," I sniffed. "Shall we watch something?" Frankie asked holding out three DVDs. I pointed to the least boring looking one, it was true, Frankie had no taste.
  5. That day, as Frankie and I made lunch, I heard my phone ring. I picked it up and headed to the hallway. It was Rosie. "Sally, why didn't you listen to Cici? No, don't answer that, look, Sally shut up. I know why, because you love him, but I was there too. They were telling the truth," Rosie said on the end of the phone. "But it can't be," I whispered. "Then tell me this Sally, why are you trying to deny it if you know it's not true? I'll tell you why, because deep down, you know that it is true, that Frankie isn't true to you. Trust me Sally, and get out of there, end it before he hurts you," Rosie said. Before I cold reply she hung up. I sighed. She was right. It was true. I took a deep breath in to calm myself. I went back into the kitchen to end it, to end my past three years of social life.
  6. "Frankie, how long have you been with Becky?" I asked. He looked embarrassed. I felt pain as I saw proof in front of me that it was true. "W-what do you mean?" he stuttered. "Frankie, you know exactly what I mean, please don't lie to me, please Frankie," I whispered. "Fine, I admit it. I also admit that I detest you. I had to do this so I wouldn't be suspected of," here he bit his lip and became silent. "Suspected of what?" I prompted. "Nothing, shut up, get out," he said furiously. With tears in my eyes again, I fled upstairs to get my stuff. Five minutes later I rushed downstairs. Frankie was at the door. "Goodbye Frankie, I'll never forget you. The you I know," I said kissing him quickly. I remembered that Frankie had driven me down. Bums.
  7. My brain whirred before deciding to walk over to Cici and Matthew's place. The walk took about fifteen minutes. I rang the doorbell and waited for an answer. It was only yesterday that I had come down here. And already... I shook my head. What happened happened. The door opened. "Sally, did Rosie talk to you?" it was Matthew who answered the door. "Yes, I'm sorry, I should have believed you," I replied guiltily. "No harm done, we're just glad your safe. We thought Frankie might try his family's famous trick!" Matthew laughed. I frowned, "What trick?" he cleared his throat, "All in good time Sally, all in good time." his answer infuriated me but I said nothing as he came in for a hug. "Sally!" Cici squealed as I walked in. "I'm sorry Cici," I replied.
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  10. Never fear, I will post more! You can contact me at sally.k.rivers(@)aol(.)com without the brackets.

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