Don't Gimme Excuses An Introduction

Hello guys, I'm writing this story for my friend who is in hospital for breast cancer, she is 'exceptionally young' to have it, less than eighteen is all I'll say.

I will have more time for this than for my Hogwarts Love Story but never fear! For those of you who love it, I'll still write it. But posting probably won't be until mid october, my half term holiday. Also, I am nearly six years younger than this girl, but she has been like a sister to me since I met her five years ago. Please pray for her or think for her, her name is Sally if you want to know.

Created by: vulturemonem
  1. This is a romance story about a girl called Sally and her boyfriend, Frankie. 
  2. Frankie seems the average, loyal boyfriend every girl dreams of but it soon becomes clear that he is up to something. Cheating. But something else too. 
  3. Matthew is the year older brother of Clementine, Cici for short, who is Sally's best friend. Matt has a secret crush, Sally but he is afraid of what she'd say about his feelings while Frankie was around. But then he sees Frankie openly dating the pretty girl behind the bar at the local pub. He takes a shot. 
  4. Cici is Sally's best friend, she knows all about her love life. But she is the first to notice Frankie flirting with the landlady's daughter, Becky, Sally doesn't take the news too well.
  5. Clara is the dead mother of Sally. Supposedly, she jumped in front of a tube train. But Sally doesn't believe that. Never. Sally suspects foul play from someone close to her, she just doesn't realise that the guy in question murdered her mother. And he's closest to her save Cici.
  6. Because Sally's father works abroad in Spain most of the year, Sally still lives with her guardian, Rosie. Rosie is a lawyer and has been like a mother to Sally in the two years since Clara died. Rosie is the one that Sally always believes. 
  7. Carlos is the awful bully of the town. He tries to win Sally over after he too sees Frankie and Becky flirting. He won't leave Matt alone either. 
  8. Becky is the barmaid at the local pub. She is the sister of Carlos and she too hates Sally. She hurts Sally by taking Frankie. 
  9. Sally is the main character of this story. She has just graduated and works as a veterinarian. She is the girlfriend of Frankie.
  10. Character descriptions:  Sally- long wavy dark blond hair, blue eyes, lightly tanned skin, curvy body shape, medium-tall  Frankie- messy black hair, grey eyes, dark tan, healthy but not muscular, medium height  Matt- medium brown hair, bright green eyes, medium tan, muscular, tall  Cici- curly bob-cut light blonde hair, soft brown eyes, very fair skin, freckled, medium height  Clara- jet black straight short hair, fair skin, blue eyes, very skinny, short  Rosie- ginger frizzy hair, golden tanned skin, alive grey eyes, plump, very short Carlos- long (for a guy) blond hair, pale skin, cold black eyes, super skinny, super tall  Becky- very long plaited brown with blond highlighted hair, perfect fake-tanned skin, brown eyes, fat, short 
  11. Thank you for reading, please read the opening paragraph! Stay magic!

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