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*Waves hi* Welcome to my quiz. The quiz-creator site requires a 2 paragraph introduction to your quiz. Silly, huh? SO I am just gonna babble on a bit to fill in the space otherwise I won't be able to create my quiz! It's pretty annoying that I have to sit here making an introduction to some random questions I threw together out of boredom. But whatever.

Look it's paragraph 2! Wheee... Typing words... So um yea have fun (or don't) answering pointless questions about me. Don't worry, I don't expect even my closest friends to know most of the answers. I just spit out whatever popped into my head. Um ok go on and have fun. Oh yea the 'age' and 'gender' questions are required as well and automatically placed in the beginning.

Created by: Tara
  1. What was the first video game I ever owned?
  2. When I was in 5th grade, the teacher freaked out at me and arranged a conference with my parents because:
  3. If I could have one of the following dinosaurs as a mount, I would chose to ride around on a:
  4. If I won a million dollars, (I'd share with family & friends, put some in the bank, as well as give some to charity of course), But what would I do with the share of $$$ I kept for spending on myself?
  5. Which toy from my childhood do I still collect?
  6. Who was my favorite Boss battle in Zelda: Twilight Princess?
  7. Which one of these have I never done?
  8. Approximately how much does my cat weigh?
  9. What Atari game do I have displayed on my shelf, new in box?
  10. What is the only insect that creeps me out a bit, and while I still think they are interesting to look at, I won't hold them.
  11. You would *least* likely find me in which of the following environments:
  12. As much as I love Mario games, I absolutely hated:
  13. I go out to eat. Which of the following would I order?
  14. Who is my favorite of 'the marauders' in Harry Potter?
  15. You want to find me at the mall. You know not to even bother looking for me where?:

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