Don't Gimme Excuses pt 1

Ok, this quiz is about a girl 'you' and some guys. A mystery of her mothers death too. I'm doing this in chapters and please read paragraph two and read, Raise Awareness of Breast Cancer in Teenage Girls.

This quiz series should only be about six parts, ish. But it's for my friend who has breast cancer, only a couple of years older than me! Also, please read my Jogwarts Love series.

Created by: vulturemonem

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  1. Beep, beep, beep, beep. You sat up and whacked the silence button on your alarm clock. You smiled as you dressed and ate breakfast. It was the same every single day, get up, dress, breakfast, chat with Rosie, work, stress, get driven back by Frankie to his house, do whatever, go home, dinner, bed, sleep. You loved it. But today was different. Today was different because you had decided to take your yearly five weeks off at one time. Over your birthday. Frankie was coming to drive you to his parents house in Dover which was nearer to Cici. You hauled your suitcase downstairs and waited in the lounge. You curled one leg under yourself and began reading.
  2. There was a loud knock at the door. "Coming!" you yelled. You sped into the kitchen and gave Rosie a quick hug. "look after yourself ____" she said. "bye Rosie, see you soon," you replied. You sprinted to the hallway and opened the door calmly. Frankie was outside in the rain. "Frankie I'm so sorry, I didn't realise, come in and get dry," you said quickly. "no, no ____, it's fine. I don't want to waste any time. Come on!" he said. He leant past you and picked up your suitcase for you. You smiled at each other happily as you trudged out to Frankie's car. You climbed into the cosy Fiesta and slammed to the door.
  3. About two hours later you arrived at the large house. The difference from smelly London was staggering. "mum and dad are away in Italy visiting gran for 'about a month' so we have some time to ourselves!" he shouted through the stormy weather. He clicked open the front door and motioned you inside. You shoved the door shut and hung up your wet mac. "I'll take your suitcase up, I'm afraid you'll have to share with me, dad is so touchy about other people in his bed," Frankie said, "you can use mum's dressing room though, she won't care." you nodded and followed Frankie up the stairs to the narrow landing and into his room. "Thanks Frankie, " you whispered. You unpacked your stuff and went off to change into dry clothes.
  4. You practically skipped downstairs and you headed into the kitchen where Frankie sat waiting for you. He stood up. "Hello babe," he whispered softly. He stood up and kissed you lightly on the cheek. He lead you upstairs.
  5. You followed him into his bedroom and sat down next to him on the bed. He hugged you for a moment and then slipped his hands up your t-shirt and began fiddling with your bra-strap. You slipped your hands to his shirt and unbuttoned the front. He shook it off irritated and you stroked his abs. He fingered your t-shirt and you slipped it off. He un clipped your bra-strap and kissed your neck. You puckered his earlobe in reply. He kissed you around your lips, teasing your emotions. You replied equally teasing. Then he touched your cheek with his tongue and you kissed him full on the mouth. The two of you made out for a while and finally laid down in bed together. The two of you changed into PJs and flopped onto the bed. Frankie wrapped one arm around you protectively and kissed you neck until you slept.
  6. {before I continue, this is the origonal story but 'you' are in the place of Sally.}
  7. You woke up to the sound of a bluebird. You turned over. "morning Frankie," you whispered. Silence. You opened your eyes and saw an empty bed. You frowned and dressed. You pinned up your hair in a simple knot and headed downstairs. You glanced at the clock and saw that it was still very early, 6:24. Just then, the door clicked open, shut, and Frankie walked in. He looked guilty. "oh er, morning____, I've, um," he began. "to the pub?" you asked. "you're carrying a beer bottle Frankie," you said motioning to his hand. He grinned sheepishly and moved to kiss you. You slapped him. "Frankie Withercom! You go out drinking so much beer you can hardly walk and then you expect me to let you kiss me? Go, sober up. You disgusting boy!" you exclaimed.
  8. Sorry guys, that's chapter one in my book, I'll warn you that this should only be about six parts. One a week hopefully.
  9. To all Hogwarts fans, that will resume soon, to everyone, please read my quiz called, Raise Awareness of Breast Cancer in Teenage Girls.
  10. If you want to contact me, email [no emails], obviously not my real name!
  11. Thanks for reading!

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