Give Me A Reason To Fall In Love

Alright, this is insanely hard to make and im sorry if it was confusing and part two will be much better i promise please dont be confused!!! I will make it better

Pick your own story and thats it, in the end the ending is kind of the same because they will all come together in quiz two and it will be MUCH LESS CONFUSING JUST GIMME A CHANCE PLZ

Created by: Jelly 404
  1. Hi, I made this is so each question it tells you NOT to go to just say SKIP! Alright? So here is question 3... Which best describes your morning?
  2. Your mom let you leave and you...
  3. You grab all your stuff and rush out the door and see the crush of your life who happens to live across the street but...
  4. Omg I feel so cute today!
  5. I got my report!!
  6. You wake up groggily...
  7. Hehe where will I go today!!!
  8. For answer 1- You get on the bus and you see your friend Katy sitting with a boy flirting her big blue eyes you wish you had... For answer 2- Your walking and suddenly Katy your best friend drives up and asks if you wanna ride, you get in and drive to school. For answer 3- Katy is your BFFL and your just talking as you go off to school
  9. For answer 1- you walk blushingly up to your car which is parked right next to his For answer 2- You walk to your bike, you dont want to waste precious electricty! For answer 3- He waves back not so smiley or cute
  10. So you go to school and you see Dustin your best friend in the entire world with the girl of his dreams, Katy. (This is an interesting twist if you read the other stories)
  11. For answer 1- You grabbed your little sister's report by accident, you stupid clutz! Now Mr. Larsen is gonna kill youuuu! You can almost hear the yelling in the buzz of normal school... oh wait, someone is yelling, and screaming, and swearing... For answers otherwise- You got your report and passed it in all perfect and precious like its your own little baby... You are the perfectionist
  12. For answer 1- You hate school and school hates you, oh look at that crappy idiot Dustin, preppy, and that ugly girl he is with, Katy, its hard being the only emo. For other answers- You skip into school knowing your going to see your two best friends ever!! Dustin and Katy!!! They are sweet and you are also gonna see James, your boy to bee
  13. For answers 1 and 2- You slip out to the mall to meet up with your other buddies Katy and Dustin, skippers as well, you go to the mall and find them and just hang out For other answers- You climb the fence of your backyard, the only way to where your going is past the school and thats the crappy part because you may get caught but thats the perks of being a bad boy/girl, so you go to past the school and guess who catches you, your younger sister... great... Off to see the principal the terrible princiapal of high school(theme to wizard of oz)
  14. So you dont pull her away bc even if you picked answer one the nicer person got the better of you... Your in school as someone is fighting and someone is being pulled to the principal office and someone else is walking in with their best friends and they look exactly like you
  15. You get to school (any way) and you walk in to find 4 other people looking exactly like you...someone getting pulled, someone crying, some cute preppy person,and someone who is just normal, like yourself
  16. You walk over and Dustin sees you and waves, he has a goofy grin and he stops cold, you turn around and see 4 others who look exactly like you, someone being pulled to the principals office, someone crying, a happy preppy person,two normals, and you.
  17. You brake down crying because you cant do something bold bc Mr. Larsen is gonna kill you and your freaking out!!!!!!!! And thats when... you see two people walking over to you, twins, your twins, you look around the school and find a perosn talking to her friends who looks like you and another who is being dragged away
  18. Your being pulled, crap, and you see 4 other people who look exactly like you. Fate? no you dont believe in fate, but neither does that emo, cryer, normals who look like you either, you can definitley tell that

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