Love Story by PandaGirl

You are a girl named Sophie (SORRY IF YOU DONT LIKE THE NAME! FORGIVE ME PLEASE!) and today is your first day of school. ONLY GIRLS UNLESS.... Okay, I can't stop you, go ahead :D

If you want a sequel, please comment! By the way the guy's names are Dustin, Andre and Charlie. If you want more guys, leave that in the comments. THERE ARE PICTURES OF THEM AT THE END! (just got them from google, but that's what I pictured them as!)

Created by: PandaGirl

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  1. You wake up to birds chirping. You have lived out here your whole life. You love how quiet it usually is around here. Just not today. It's hard to even notice with all the rushing around this morning: it's your first day of school. Your older brother, Zach, is sleeping. You pound on his door and yell, "ZACH! Get up! YOU HAVE SCHOOL TODAY!" then you mumble to yourself, "Why do I have it too?" You eat breakfast, then take a quick shower. When you get dressed, what do you wear?
  2. You brush your hair and put on some jewelry. Then you walk to the bus stop. You go and sit at the bench. There are only a few other people here, none sitting at the bench. You're so bummed that summer is over. It rainded the whole time.... Suddenly, a boy you have NEVER seen before walks up to you, and just stares into your eyes for like, ten seconds. Then he quickly apoligizes and says, "I know this is kind of awkwawrd, but um... My name is Dustin." He had brown, messy hair and green eyes. "Can I sit by you?" How do you respond?
  3. He sits down anyway. He starts talking to you, and his voice is so gorgeous, just the sound of it.... and he had such a nice way of saying things....... you realized that you were to starting to like him. You didn't notice anything around you until the bus pulled away. Or at least it started to. The bus driver honked, you were very embarrassed and so was Dustin. You started walking to the back of the bus, until someone tripped you. You were even more embarrassed and now also sad and angry. You were afraid Dustin would laugh at you, he didn't. After you stood up, people were laughing, so you walked to the very back of the bus and sat down. You were holding back tears. Dustin sat down next to you. You felt weird like you should say something. Then Dustin said, "Are you okay?" You looked down and started pulling at your bracelet. You said, "I'm fine...." For the rest of the ride to school, you were quiet, although you really wanted to talk to Dustin, you just didn't know what to say.
  4. When you got to the school, you said good bye to Dustin, and he stared at you again for a while. Then he said, "Um.... Sophie..." He looked really sad. Then he said, "Nevermind." and walked away. You were really sad that he didn't tell you.
  5. Well, you walked to your locker, got everything you needed and went to your first class, math. You sat in the third row, on the far right side. You were messing around withg your bracelet again, until you eyes started wandering. You looked out the classroom window, the other students... 'Till a guy walked in. He had blond hair, bright blue eyes, you could drown in them! He looked so kind and handsome. He walked to the third row and sat down near the middle. THen suddenly he looked at you. YOu were embarrassed that he caugh you staring at him, but you couldn't stop. He was staring into you eyes, as you were too. And you couldn't help but smile a little bit. WHen he turned away, you realized class had started. You were trying to follow along, but you couldn't help it. His eyes. HTy were.... hypnotizing. After class ended, you got all of your things together and stood up. You started to walk out the door, when you felt a tap on you shoulder. You turned around, to the most beautiful eyes. You finished walking out the door, over to the wall. He followed. You say, "Hi." He says, "Hi. My name is Andre. I noticed you staring..."
  6. Andre said, "No! Don't be embarrassed, I'll admit this.... I was staring at you ever since I saw you." You wer shocked, but also pleased. He LIKES you. And his eyes.... He was honest, just staring at you. He looked so innocent. So you said, "Is that a compliment?" He took a small step towards you, smiled and said, "Yes." You knew you were starting to fall for him. But what about Dustin?
  7. You almost want to kiss him! You smile, he smiles, and gets closer... "CARSON! No kissing in school! You'll be late to class, hurry students!" yells the principal to Andre. So.... Andre Carson..... Like the name?
  8. You were hurrying to lunch, eager to meet up with friends. you saw Hailey, your besty. You guys met up at a table and hugged.
  9. "Oh, it's so nice to see you again Soph! I missed you!" says Hailey. YOu guys started talking and eating with two other of your friends, Stacy and Tori. Then Stacy brought up a party. "Yeah, it's tonight! It's Tasha's birthday! I'm really excited!" You remember she's stacy's other friend, she moved here a year ago. You were excited, Tasha is really nice. WHen Tasha walked over to your table, you realized you guys had a lot in common! And you were even more excited! After lunch was over, you said good bye to all of your friends. You felt someone staring at you. You turned around, and there was Dustin.
  10. When Dustin saw that you were looking at him, he had the biggest smile on his face! You walked over to him. He said, "Hi! How have you been doing?" He looked worried. You wondered why. "Good," you said. He asked you, "Do you remember what I started telling you this morning?" You nodded. "It's very important. And I really need to tell you. You might be a little confused, and maybe think I'm crazy, but you have to meet me somewhere tonight, so we can talk." You were very confused. You were really curious of what he was going to tell you also. "How about at the party tonight? Tasha's B-day." you asked him. "Is that an invitation?" He asked, taking a step closer... "Yes!" you said. But before you guys kissed, you knew you had to get to class. Dustin looked sad. You said, "CYA later!" He said goodbye, and you guys both headed off to class.
  11. You went to class, science. You felt sick to your stomach. Today you were disecting frogs! You:
  12. When you get to class, you just sit down in a random seat. A few seconds later, something hits your arm. It's a paper-ball. You unfold it and read: ~HI! HOW ARE YOU?~ You looked around the classroom at the people, no one was looking at you or anything. You didn't even know anyone from this class! So when class started, you were concentrating on class, or at least trying to, (THE TEACHER WAS TELLING YOU HOW TO DISSECT THE FROG) until something hit you in the arm again. You unfolded it. This is what it said: ~LOOK TWO SEATS BEHIND YOU~ WHen you looked back, a guy was sitting there. He was kinda emo, and had black hair, with wonderful brown eyes. He smiled at you. Did you smile back?
  13. Well, anyway then you turned around. After class ended, you met up with him in the hallway. He said, "Hey! What's up?" He smiled a huge smile at you. You knew he liked you.... You now knew that you both probably believed in love at 1st sight. You said, "Do I know you?" He laughed and said, "NO, I don't think so! But, my name is Charlie, so I guess I'll see you around?" You smiled and said, "Yeah. I'm Sophie. Bye!" You guys smiled, he said bye and you guys both left. You were excited to get home. THe party is soon!
  14. After you finished school, you walked back to the bus stop.
  15. But when you walked on the bus, you were SURPRISED! Sitting on one seat, were Andre, Charlie and Dustin. OMG! You walked over to them and talked. Here's the scoop: There all brothers, the Carson's. They're fraternal twins. And: they all are going to Tasha's party tonight. Plus: they all have a crush on you.
  16. Are you going to the party tonight?
  17. Do you want there to be a sequel to this quiz?
  18. If you do want a sequel, than please comment!
  19. Last but not least, WHO ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH, JULIET?

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