Love oh Love(story)pt2

Hi guys , thanx so much for all the nice comments, I guess my quizes are'nt as suckey as I thought so I decided to contuinue with the series, sorry this quiz came out quite late. Enjoy the quiz.

Ok, so the story starts from when you choose what you want to wair to dinner and just for you James lovers you have a romantic moment. Ooooooh lalaaaa

Created by: Nashira
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  1. You walk to your closet it is huge. What do you pick for dinner?
  2. You walk to your closet it is huge. What do you pick for dinner?
  3. When you walk down the stairs all the guys look starstruck. "So do you guys like it?", you ask. Casey imediatly says,"You look amazing" "Fantastic" "Wow" "Beutiful" "Awwe, you guys are too sweet", you tell them. "______________, we need to talk to you about Zerondof, he wants to unbalance the peace in the universe. Witch would lead to everyone making bad choices, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc." says Justin.
  4. "You and all of us have to destroy him using our powers, I have lightning fingers and fire scream, James has kiss of sleep and water touch, Casey has telaportation and nature growth and Justin has invisabilaty and wind voice. You already know your powers",says Adam.
  5. Fast foward, after you guys finish dinner James calls you,"___________, do you want to see the lake?,It looks beautiful at night". "Sure". You and James walk in to the cold night air. "___________, are you cold?" Before you could awnser James already wrapped his jacket around you. He put his arm around you, it felt warm,safe, comforting. "Sorry about the sleeping kiss thing, I really did want to kiss you cause I really like you, no jokes". You look at his smiling face, you realize what a cute smile he has.He's holding your hands tight, he is inches away from your lips then.......
  6. James suddenly lets go of your hands, breaks eyecontact and looks to the ground with a sad expression, you remeber why, "Oh yeah, you can't kiss me or else deep sleep" "Yeah" The atmosphere witch once was so romatic changes to awkward. :(
  7. A glistening drop of water lands on your nose and so many more fall from the sky."James, I think we should find shelter, it is starting to rain ,the house is too far away", the rain becomes more and more heavy and you become more and more wet. "Comon, I know the pefect tree".
  8. You follow James deeper and deeper into the woods until you finally made to a huge tree over-looking the lake,the lake seemed magical as it shined under the moonlight. "James, this is amazing, oh wow". "I thought you would like it" you kiss him on the cheek as a thank you.
  9. James leads you to the tree and makes his jacket to a pillow for you. You lie down with him next to you. His arm is around your waist you lean your head on his chest, "It couldn't be more perfect than this" you think to yourself. You look up at the tree above you and finaally sleep. Zzzzzzzz
  10. Hi guys, thanks so much for taking my quizes love you all. I you have any ideas please post them wit your comments. Bye!

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