Love oh Love(story)

Hi guys! It's your first year of high school and your the new girl.The story starts from when you walk to the school.Please escuse any spelling errors.This quiz might not be as good as any other but this is my first love story quiz so don't expect it be the best.(guys descriptions below↓↓↓↓)

Adam - sweet,a bit shy,cute,smart,hoppless romantic. James-sporty,hot,sensitive,funny,sweet Justin-heart breaker,sweet,brave Casey-cute,sweet,funny,smart,annoying yet cute,careing.

Created by: Nashira
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  1. Your walking up the steps to your new school and is stopped by bruenette hottie with green eyes and a cute smile to match."Um...hi are you _________?"(You nod) "Well I am Adam and I'm gonna be helping you today and you can sit with me and the guys if you like at lunch.", "Sure". "We better hurry to class,I think we've got biology now." You two hurry to the biology room and end up being paired to present a mixture of acid that if mixed with sea water will explode.While you and Adam work on the project you find out Adam is: sweet,a bit shy,funny,smart and a hopeless romantic!
  2. After biology you have history and no Adam(silently cries) but you do meet another cutie.
  3. As you walk into the classroom the teacher tells you to sit next to the mysterios blackhaired hottie with violet eyes.He sees you looking at him and gives a sweet smile,"Hi I am James", he says with a British accent. "Hi I'm _____ ",you reply. You find out that James is: sporty,sesitive (in that cute way) and is good at understanding people.
  4. LUNCH!!! "Hey ________ wanna sit at lunch?" "Sorry I already told Adam I would sit with him and his friends" "I'm one of Adams friends,come on I'll show you where we sit". James takes your hand pulls you to the grounds.He starts walking but is still holding your hand,as you pass a group of girls you notice they are all whispering and glaring at you.
  5. James takes you behind the trees and bushes no one can see you. "James are you sure the guys sit here?", "No, this is'nt why I brought you here it's just that I know I just met you but I really like you". You stare into his gorgous violit eyes and have a strange want to kiss him but he makes the first move. You feel pressure on your lips and you that know he is kissingyou. "He tastes like wild mint and strawberries", you think to yourself. The pressure is gone,you try to open your eyes but you cant and feel as if your drowning.
  6. You realize you were asleep and you can FINALLY open your eyes.You can feel someones arms around your waist "I know your awake ________" says a familiar voice. "Adam,where am I?" you ask. "Your lying on a bed" "I know" "Then you need not to ask any questions". Adam gets off the bed and walks to the door."Are you comin?" you jump off the bed and follow him.
  7. Adam takes you downstairs to a very comfy lounge.And you see 3 guys."________ this is Justin (Adam points to a guy who looks like Justin Beiber) and this is Casey (cute blonde,deep blue eyes,friendly smile).
  8. Casey says "_____________ ,we all have diffrent powers but you have one that you got from your great great great grandmother the power of all the elements and controler of nature ".
  9. Justin says" All of us are given our powers to save the world from total destruction. We have to back you up when you fight Zerondof and if we don't defeat him,well lets just say we would rather be killed than live at that stage."
  10. "Do you understand whats going on?" they all say together."Yeah,I do" you reply."Well, it's almost time for dinner you should go and get ready", Casey tells you. "Um.... Casey I don't know how to get back to my room?". Casey leads you up the stairs and to your room. "Thanks Casey".
  11. Bye guys.I will make the next part if I get some nice comments. Bye
  12. Bye guys.I will make the next part if I get some nice comments. Bye

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