The Easy A Love Story

ok ok ok so yea you will find out why it says easy a love story soon you will find that out in part two if you take it oh and in paragraph two its just random things

I like pie i really really do. If its blueberry ill throw-up because i hate blueberry who hates blueberry i love waffles pancakes and french toast and i want a mouth full lol

Created by: LittleMadison

  1. your alarm goes off beeping making that annoying sound you hate. UGH! You say while turning it off. You get up with your hair all messy and you slouch out of bed and go to the bathroom to wash your face and brush your teeth and hair. Then you realize its 7:15 your gonna miss the bus! You get dress really quick and go outside. What do you think about your of high school?
  2. Luckily you dint miss the bus. You get on and see this guy with black hair with a red streak and deep blue eyes. His looking out the window so you just go sit next to him. You say hi I'm ____. He doesn't say anything or look your way he just keeps looking at the window. Well his rude you think. Wait I can read minds you say in your mind. In his mind you hear..
  3. In his mind you hear : wow she's actually talking to me. Should I say something?. So you say Hi my name is ___ smiling. He turns around and smiles. I'm Josh nice to meet you ___. You guys talk and laugh and you compare your schedule to his. You have 2nd bell together. You guys arrive at school. You go to your locker and get your things. You go to your 1st class. You see a boy with brown and dark brown eyes close to black. You go sit next to him and think...
  4. Hi you say smiling. Hey he says smiling back. I'm ____ You say shaking his hand. Matt he says shaking you hand back. You sit down next to him and talk you learn so much about him. Then the teacher walks in. Class today we have to new Students joining us. ____ and Daniel. Daniel had dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. You both stand in front of the class. He turns to you Hi ___ he says giving you a warm smile. Your heart melts and you smile saying hey. You both sit. You sit thinking about?
  5. You start day dreaming. Then the bell rings. Time for 2nd bell with josh which is cooking. When you get there you sit next to josh of course. What are we learning to do today you ask him. Cookies i guess he says. The teacher Mr.Brown walks in. Ok class we will be learning to make cookies open your books and get started says Mr.Brown. You open your book and you and josh start making cookies. While stiring the cookie dough you stir to fast and cookie dough gets on your cheek. Um __ says josh. Yea you say. You got something on your cheek he says. What? you say. He takes a napkin and wipes the cookie dough off your cheek. Stir alittle slowly he says putting his hand and yours and he helps you stir. You..
  6. The 3rd bell rings. You wash your hands and leave. 3rd Bell was Math. There you see a boy with black hair and deep blue ocean eyes. He notice you was looking at him so he smiles. You blush and go over there to sit next to him until some girl with blonde hair and black eyes come and sits next to him. Hello David she says. Um Hi Demi says david. Your roll your eyes and you sit alone just all alone at a empty seat with no one around. You sign. Until someone comes and sit by you. Your not looking so you think it is....
  7. Its David. Hey im david he says smiling. Im ___ you say not looking at him. You ok __? he ask. Yea i guess you say. The next thing you know he randomly hugs you. You hug him back smiling. You look over at demi whos rolling her eyes at you and she signs in disgust. You say or think
  8. The last bell ranged. You go to your locker and get your stuff and you head home. Wait up __! you hear someone says. You turn around and you see Daniel. Hey you say waving to him. Hey he say give you a hug and he walks you home. When you get home you and daniel say your goodbyes and before he leaves he kiss you on your cheek. Then he leaves and you watch him walk and then you go inside. You lean on your door and sign. What a day you say. You get a apple and start thinking about...
  9. Stay Tune For Part 2. Oh and its called easy a love story bc well you'll find out in part 2!
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