Louisiana Love Story Part 1

You know that some people have experienced a love story. Have you? This quiz is for living the kind of romance everyone wants to live. Whoever you get will be built on you and what sentence you have picked on every question.

Join a teenage girl and her journey to her perfect soulmate- counting down from five guys. You can only love one person, and the person you get every single quiz will help you decide which personality you are literally attracted to. And for the four guys who aren't your soulmate... there will be other girls.

Created by: livelikelove

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  1. It's your fifth summer staying with your grandparents on their farm near the Louisiana Coast. When you get off your plane, you are surprised by your grandparents being there to greet you. They tackle you in a bear hug, and after you stop giggling, they ask you what you're most looking forward to this summer. What is it?
  2. Once you get to your grandparent's farmhouse, you unpack your things and head to the barn to see Celtic. As you step into the stable, you spot five guys sitting on hay bales laughing aloud. You're just about to say hi to them when Celtic nickers; causing the guys to look. You gulp. What's your reaction?
  3. One guy clears his throat. "Hi, I'm Jake," He smiles a killer smile. He has brownish blondish hair, and brilliant blue eyes. He's strong. He's holding a western saddle, which he was scrubbing with saddle soap.
  4. Another guy speaks up. "I'm Dylan," He stands up off his hay bale and holds out his hand. You shake it. He has brown hair which isn't too long, but not too short. He has chocolate brown eyes- and they're fixed on you.
  5. One guy sets down his bridle he was cleaning and smiles. "I'm Cole." He has blonde hair with amber eyes. He looks about as strong as Jake.
  6. Another gulps nervously, and just barely makes it through the sentence of hi. "Hi... My name's Caleb." He has brown hair and blue eyes. You have never recalled seeing anyone with brown-hair blue-eyes mix. He looks thinner than the rest of the guys.
  7. The last guy chuckles and sets down his bridle. "Hey, I'm Aaron. In case you didn't catch it, he's Caleb. He's a bit shy." You wave to him and say to all the guys, "Hey, my name's ________. Nice to meet you."
  8. "Oh, you're Mr.______'s granddaughter, right?" Dylan asks. "Yeah," You answer. You can't help from hiding the anxiety from your voice. What are you going to do with five hot guys around? "You okay, _________?" Jake asks, leaning in. You nod. Then, you hurry down to Celtic's and don't say a word.
  9. You eventually leave Celtic and exit quietly out of the barn. Those were some hot guys you just met! You're heading back to your house when you bump back into Dylan. Great, now what?! You think to yourself. Thankfully, he just hands you your cell phone and with a pretty smile, leaves.
  10. You wake up the next morning to the buzzing of your cell phone. You pick it up and see who the text is from. It's Aaron. He says hey!
  11. You text back hey. His next text startles you. He asks you if you wanted to hang out with him, Jake, and Dylan. Sure, you text. What is your idea of hanging with Aaron and his friends?
  12. So, you put on your cutest bikini and go to the beach. You're sitting on the beach by yourself when Jake walks up. You've never seen him without his shirt on, and HE HAS ABS. You let your walls come down as he sits down next to you. "Hey, ____________." He says, smiling. "Hey," You say, smiling back. "So, uh, you....uh...have any friends where you live?" He asks. "I have some good friends where I live. I don't have a boyfriend though." You can pretty much sense the excitement in Jake's eyes when you say you didn't have a boyfriend.
  13. "Cool." He says. It looks like he thinks over the next thing he says. "I have a brother who wants to ask out a girl at his school. Do you have any ideas about what to do?" You smile. You know his game.
  14. Jake leaves, and Dylan and Aaron get their turns talking alone with you. You pretty much have the same conversation that you had with Jake. All you want to do is think about who is going to ask you out first. Who do you want it to be?
  15. Good luck!!! Hope you have enjoyed this quiz! Rate and subcribe!

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