Your Magical Love Story (Part 5)

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This is part five, and though it ends at a little cliffhanger, (Sort of) I'm not very good at them OR the part when you get controlled. (Whoops!) :P Well, read on! And I'm sorry it took so long to make it!

Hi. I don't think I'll be continuing this even though it ends badly for that. I don't know, but I don't feel as if I should continue. Please comment if you have any ideas for next part if I do make one, or if you want to be in it.

Created by: Alexandra_18o

  1. (Left off at going home) --After driving all the way to the forest, you start walking in uncomfortable silence. It was the same day as when you left the Dark Realm, since the car had been magically enhanced, but it was getting dark. "Lets camp here for tonight." Jason says, pointing to a clearing just ahead of you. "Its about halfway to the house, so if we set of early, we should get there at about 9:00." Jason finishes. "How come the forest is so big?" you ask them. "This is one of the few places where Nature was untouched, and of course its magical." Aleris says, and with that, you set up camp: Zaniel did the tents, (Which he did extremly fast) Aleris brought the firewood, (he seemed to get it in 5 seconds flat) Hector made the fire, (which he seemed extremly good at) and you, Jason and Jay sat watching. In no time at all, there was a warm fire burning and comfortable tents.
  2. After s'mores, you announce that your tired, and secretly you wonder whether there'll be first watch. "We dont need to. Hector's wolf sense will tell us if an unfamiliar, cloacked, of Evil presence is coming." Jay says. "What?" "Sorry, I shouldnt have done that, but sometimes it just happens. We can all read minds, just like most Light Inhabitants." Jay explains, and after talking a little talking, you all fall asleep.
  3. Right before you fall asleep, you think of eternitys choices, and of the song 'My Immortal' Right after that word, you fall into a dreamless sleep, or at least it starts that way...
  4. In your dream, you look like yourself, nothing special about it. But as you look around, you see just a white light, with backgrounds that seem just out of reach. Then, suddenly everything comes into focus, andyou see a waterfall. 'Just like with Angela' you think sadly. Suddenly, there's a crystillian laugh, and she says: "Exactly! Thats why I brought you here!"
  5. "Angela?" And there she is, but shes different. For one thing, her eyes are paler, and her silver hairs whiter with blue like her eyes, and her dress... its blue, but its the color of ice, and it has sort of ribbon sleeves. (I forgot the name) The dress was simple, but really beautiful, and on her arms were silver-white ribbons wrapped around. She had a crown that fit her perfectly, with ice droplets at the end, and a beautiful silver necklace like her crown. She looked like, well, an Ice Princess.
  6. "Angela? I'm so sorry!" you tell her, and her smile disappears. "______, no one's blaming you for my death. I'm happy now." she says gently. "What happened?" you ask. "You may not know it, but there are so many other Kingdoms, although the Light and Dark are the strongest. The Ice Kingdom is made entirely of deserving Spirits, so its difficult to destroy. When I died, I was recruited by the Recruiter, and made their Queen, or Princess since I'm too young. The Ice Kingdom is on the Light Kingdoms side, because if its destroyed, then there will be no way for Ice to connect to the world, and so we would dissapear. It almost happened, but you'll read up on it. Unlike the Dark Realm, the Light accepts alliances, because they know they will need help."
  7. She's about to say something else when her face clouds over, and then she nods. "Sorry ______, but Dalecia is making trouble again. See you later!" she says, and she disappears while you wake up.
  8. You stare at the fire, wondering what your going to tell Jason and the others, when you see something, or rather sense it. *"Dont be afraid. You're using you power of foresight, even though its not developed." says a boy's voice. "Are you an Ice Inhabitant?" you ask and the voice chuckles. "No, look." You see... you dont know what, but you can sense that an animals afraid, crouching against a tree, trying to hide* You jolt up, and run past the tent into the woods. 'I just hope its not too late!' you think, willing yourself to go faster. What felt like hours but was only seconds, you round a tree and instantly jump back, not able to tell why.
  9. You think you hear a growl behind you, and a shadow moves and dissapears. You hear whimpering and jump out, seeing the tree in your vision. You see... well, it looks like a kitten but it has wings like a dragon's sprouting behind its forelegs. In the dim light its impossible to tell what colour it is but then the moon comes out and you see her coat changes colour and her tail's flicking nervously. 'It looks like it tried to transform but got stuck because it was exchausted.' you think, amazed.
  10. You come toward her but she growles. 'Come know farther' she says in your mind. "Dont worry, I wont hurt you." For a moment she looks surprised and asked You can hear me?, but then she said. "The last one who understood me tried to take my aura' "Thats horrible! Are you hurt?" you say, ignoring her warnings and coming closer. 'What? You won't hurt me?' "Of course not. And the answer to your question is that I'm he Princess of Light. I can understand animals." you explain, checking her and seeing that her wounds are already healing. 'Yes, but I'm not like that. I have to train to be able to talk and I was playing here when-- Watch out!' she says, already leaping over you to try to stop a blade thats going toward you, but a wolf flies out from the bushes and breaks it with his teeth.
  11. "Ladies." He says, turning toward you with his mouth bleeding a little. "Hector! Your hurt!" you say, and without even realizing it you make a flower grow and dab Hector's maw. He looks bewildered but after its all healed. "_______, you know thank you is okay too" he says. "Thank you" you reply, happy that he's back to his old self. He looks at the flower your holding and gasps. "_______! Thats Leczenie Flora! A Healing Flower! They're really rare and when blood gets on them they become one of the rarest and most powerful items: The BloodRed Roza! Although I'm not really sure what it does. See, I'm not really into Legends and research but Zaniel... What?" He says, looking at your face. "Oh, nevermind."
  12. "What? I dont even know those names! How could I have made it?" you ask. "I think that you wanting to cure me sparked ideas, and your Earth Element did the rest." Hector explains, and you turn to the creature. "Do you have a name?" you ask, and after thinking she says no. "Can I give you one? And where did you get that sausage!?" she looks guilty and says. 'Your conversation didnt interest me and I was hungry so I flew to get something. But yes I would like you to name me!' she says, changing the topic. You raise an eyebrow and say. "I think that Trixie would fit you." while Hector looks on, confused. 'I rather like that name! Thank you!' She says, and she leaps down while her wings retract into her body to rub against your legs affectionaly, purring.
  13. "You can understand her?" he asks. "Yes, cant you?" He shakes his head, dumbfounded. "With that type of creature, I didnt even know that it was possible. Although, if she's your familiar, then you would be able to understand her." "Familiar?" "Umm... well, its sort of like the animal thats connected to you. I'm not sure, but I think you found yours." 'I'm your familyaire? Cool!' Trixie says smiling. "Familiar, not familyaire."
  14. Hector leads you back to camp, you clutching the Roza in your hand and Trixie trotting along behind you. When you get there, everyone's up and in a frantic state. Hector jumps down the small cliff you were on and barks, surprising everyone there. "Hector!" Jay flies towards him and he falls over under her weight. "What happened?" "I sensed ________ leaving but wanted to know what she was doing before waking you guys. I was half asleep when I saw her approach this small animal shapeshifter, who had been attacked,"-he prodded Trixie forward with his muzzle-"and then a blade flew out of nowhere towards ________ and I stopped it." Everyone was silent, until Zaniel noticed the flower you were holding.
  15. "______, who's this?" Jason says, looking at Trixie curiously. "I'm not sure, and for some reason I'm the only one who can understand her." you answer. 'I'm her familiar! When can we go home?' Trixie says proudly. "What did she say?" Jay asks looking as if Trixie was the cutest thing in the world. "Um... she said she was my familiar and when are we going home." Trixie nodded excitedly. "We could go now" Jay says looking at the boys. Everyone nods. "______, where'd you get that flower?" Zaniel asks, and everyone finally notices the flower you're holding. 'She grew it out of Earth!' Trixie says, looking at everyone. (If I write something in between 'this' its Trixie talking)
  16. "What?" everyone (but Hector,) asks. "Something about Earth, thats all I heard." Aleris said, only understanding the part with his element in it. "_______ grew th Healing Flower out of the Earth and used it to heal me." Hector explains, and after that Jay says "Trixie's right. Can we go home please?" ***** You come out of the forest into your backyard, and you all go into the kitchen to get something to eat.
  17. After you eat you're meal, you put on your bathing suit and go out to the swimming pool. Everyone else goes to their rooms, but you decide to relax outside. For some reason, you're compelled to stare into the water at your reflection. You look so different, its as if theres a glow around you. You see a shadow behind you, with red eyes that look corrupt, and then you get up and walk in as if nothing happened. At least, thats what it looks like to anyone watching.
  18. When you go inside, you ask in a hazy voice "Do you have a study?" to anyone around, and someone answers "third floor, fifth door." and you go. In your weird state, you see a desk with a lamp and bench, with another desk with a laptop, and things that could go in a study. **** (Inside of you) 'Whats going on? Hello? Hello!' You start to panic, and then your body jerks as it feels Trixie against your leg. 'Who's there? Trixie? Get help! Go!' You, the real you, is struggling to get out and take control of your body, but it goes to the self with clay on it and... *CRASH* The boys and Jay hear a crash coming from upstairs and rush upstairs to find you unconscious, with three clay dragons already made and your fingers stuck making another. Suddenly, they continue. *(O_o)*
  19. The end. Hoped you liked it. Like I said, not much action but please tell me what you think!

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