Your Magical Love Story (Part 2)

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Hi! Just a reminder, this is part 2. I'm really sorry but by accident I put Zaniel's result the same as the first part, so if you get him, read the parting words.

MUST READ FIRST PARAGRAPH!!! I put the same pictures as before except for Not Sure and Hector. Just thought I'd let you know. Bye and hope you enjoy my quiz! Oh and any qustions, again, you can put them in the comments. I do answer them. Also, the next quiz might take a little longer cause it won't be the weekend anymore.

Created by: Alexandra_18o

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  1. Okay, so refresh: Sam the shapeshifter attacked you, and left you exchausted. You almost faint, but Aleris goes and gets a glass of water before you do.- "_______. ________!" "What, what!" You answer. "Whew, you're alright!" Jay says, flinging her arms around you. "What happened?" You ask them, confused. All you can remember is two battles, and something... Oh yes! "Guys, Sam was wearing a kind of amulet. It was black and purple, a swirl, and it seemed to be getting darker as it went to the middle."
  2. "Its a Darkness Invocked Amulet" Zaniel answers grimly. "It gives the wearer temperary Dark Powers that he otherwise wouldn't have. He has to be completly evil." Seeing it made Zaniel uncomfortable, you say, "Thanks for coming to my rescue. I would have been killed otherwise" "No you wouldn't. I mean, I think that as soon as we told you about your powers, your mind started its own training. You shot two fireballs with only your name!" Hector tells you, obviously impressed. Seeing you're tired, Jay says "Guys, ________'s obviously tired. ________, go to sleep, K? If its alright with you, we'll start training tomorrow." You nod.
  3. Feeling confused, (a common thought nowadays) you turn over on you bed and drift to sleep. This time, you're near a waterfall and you see the little girl singing on a rock.
  4. You approach the little girl, but she turns, horrified. "No! I don't want to hurt you!" "The Dark Mistress has taken over your body, right?" The girl nods. "But this is your spirit, right?" She nods again. "So you can't hurt me unless you want to, because this is your Spirit, not your body" You explain. "I guess" she answers timidly. "Whats your name?" you ask her. "Angela"
  5. "Thats a nice name. Are you Jason's sister?" you ask her. "You know my brother?" Angela asks hopefully. "Yes. He and his friends told me they were gonna protect me." "Yay!" Angela bounces around. "With my brother, you're safe!" "What do you mean safe? And how do you know me?" you ask her confused. Unfortunately, you wake up then.
  6. You go downstairs, and everyone's up, discusing training. "______!" Jay shouts, happy. "Your Ok!" "Yeah. Jason, can I talk to you please?" "Ok, sure" he says, not asking questions. He leads you to his room and you sit on his bed. "What's up?"
  7. "Jason, I keep on seeing your little sister in my dreams. Why?" Jason takes a deep breath, but even though its hard, explains. (His loves you that much) "Many years ago, my parents died. My father died a while back, but my mom giving birth to Angela. I took care of Angela, but two years ago we were found. I didn't know where Angela went, but now I think she was taken somewhere but kidnapped by The Dark Mistress's servants." "Who is the Dark Mistress?" you ask him, wanting to know. "I don't really know. You should talk to Zaniel about it."
  8. Suddenly, Jason starts crying. You bring him to the bed and soothe him. After a while, Jason calms down and you two leave. Its 9:00 and you haven't eaten breakfast, so you prepare a bowl of cereal for you and one for Jason. (The others aren't in the kitchen) You ask Jason if he wants to be alone so you go outside. You see an eagle and you wonder what its doing here but it comes closer and you see its not really an eagle but a giant bird! You feel it carrying you and...
  9. wake up in a strange room. (I know, always happens, but I have to make it interesting, you know?) You see Angela struggling against her body, and cry out to her. (Her body's trying to shatter your soul, cause they can't kill you. Sorry I'm rushing, but it will all get explained) "She can't hear you. She's my slave now!"
  10. Then, the Dark Mistress comes in. You can tell its her because of the air around. "________, your really powerful, so obviously, we can't let you win. Honestly, I thought it would be harder to capture you and--" Whatever she was gonna say was cut off by an explosion. "What now?!" The Dark Mistress says angrily, and telepatically, she tells you: 'Don't get your hopes up, I'm not through with you' And with that, she leaves the room.
  11. You have an idea. You whisper your name and suddenly, the bonds are off! You say your name again and your invisible! You look at Angela struggling, but her eyes tell you to go, so you do. You fly arond the place, (Its a castle) and then you turn the corner and run into Aleris! As soon as you do, you turn visible and fall into his arms. "I found her! She's exchausted!" You hear him yell to the other boys and Jay, and then you faint, again.
  12. You hear crying, and open your eyes. Your in your bedroom, and Aleris is crying next to you. "Aleris?" you manage to whisper. "Oh ________! I thought I had lost you! I love you so much!" Aleris bounds up and hugs you, and you smile and start crying too. It was just so creepy!
  13. Once you've both calmed down, Aleris calls the others, and you all group hug. You're so happy that you have such good friends! Since its dark by the time the reunion is over, you ask if you can start training your powers tomorrow, and they say yes! You go to sleep content, wondering if Angela will be in your dream...

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