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Hi! This is part one of a story quiz and my first story quiz. I made it because I really like story quizzes, so I tried it out. It might not be very good and take a long time between each. Oh, and Jason's little sister will be in most of your dreams and is an important charater.

It says YOUR magical love story for a reason: every question, you can click other as the answer, but please don't click it all the time. No one actually reads this stuff. Oh well. And sorry its so long sometimes. Also, the ending might be sorta bad. Hope you don't think so!

Created by: Alexandra_18o

  1. "Finally! Freedom!" You tell your BFF, Jay. "I konw! Three months of freedom! Lets go to the mall to celebrate!" At the mall, you notice Jay's brother, Hector, hanging out with 3 guys that you never saw before. You ask Jay if she knows them, and as she looks over her shoulder at them her blue eyes flash with recognition but she tells you "I don't know ________. Probably dweebs since my brother hangs out with them." For the first time in years, you feel as if Jay's hiding something from you, but you decide not to persue the subject. Your thoughts?:
  2. Since you don't persue the subject, Jay says, "Come on ______, lets go eat lunch." (On the last day of school your school finishes early) You two order your meal and go sit at a table. A few minutes later you see the boys sit nearby. You're about to ask Jay about them again when you see her move her arm slightly and then--- nothing. You black out.
  3. 'Ow, my head hurts' you think, as you try to open your eyes, but you can't, which is weird. "Is she going to be OK?" you jear Jay say. 'Did I black out?' you ask yourself. "Of course she will! She's her!" Hector says. "I thought she'd be more resistant, so I hit her harder." Jay said. 'Wait a minute, Jay knocked me out?' determined to get some answers, you try to open your eyes again and find that you're in a room decorated with your favorite colour and Jay, Hector, and the three boys standing around the bed you're on.
  4. "Hey, ______" Jay says looking down. "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON!" you yell/ask anybody who will listen. "Well, you see..." Hector stats, but then stammers. The blonde haired guy takes up "Your here because, well..." he looks at the other guys for help but theyre looking anywhere but at you. Finally, Jay mutters "Boys" and looks up at you. "______, your here because your very special. And i dont mean special as in everyones special, i mean really special. You know the four elements?" you nod. "Wrong. There are five: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Spirit. you can control all of them, and much more." "so why am i here?" you ask. "well, we brought you here because you have to train and choose whether your on the Light Side, or the Dark Side. The Dark Side people are searching for you so they can convince you to be on their side, or else, theyll try to kill you." Seeing your still confused and frightened, she explains: "______, we are not ordinary people. My real name is Ray, but you can still call me Jay, and I'm an Angel. Zaniel is a Vampire, Hector's a werewolf, Aleris is an Elf, and Jason's a Shapeshifter." As theyre names were said, they each showed theyre special qualities to show that theyre saying the truth: Jay--Ray as you learned, showed you her magnificent wings and took of her contacs to show gold eyes with purple spots, the blondie showed you his pointy teeth, Hector turned into a wolf, the brown haired guy showed his pointy ears, and the silver haired guy turned into your favorite animal while the other guys muttered "Showoff" "We are here to protect you" Jay says. (You decide to call her Jay, its easier)
  5. "To protect me?" you ask. "ya. the Dark Side has sent Vampires to get you" Zaniel says. "Aren't you a Vampire?" Zaniel looks down. "Yes, but Zaniel's decided to be a good little boy and help us defeat the Vampires" Hector says, as Zaniel glares at him. "But Zaniel's probably the best one that will be able to protect you since he knows the most about the Dark Kingdom" Ariel says. "any questions?" Jay asks. "Ya, two: what about my parents?" Jay says, "Dont worry, they know and they want you safe. Actually, Theyre the Rulers of the Light Kingdom and are super kind." Jay answers you. "And how come I wasnt bothered before?" you ask. "THey hadnt detected you"
  6. "Oh ya, and its not only vampires after you" Jay says casually. "Gee, thanks" you mumble sarcasticly, sorta tired. Everyone leaves and you fall asleep. You have a sorta weird dream: you're in a clearing in the woods, when you hear whimpering, like someone crying. You look behind a tree and see a child crying.
  7. "What's wrong?" you ask. "Get away from me!" The girl says, seeming terrified. "I'll hurt you!" "Don't worry, you can't. It's a dream." 'But it all seems so real' you think to yourself. "It is. Some dreams are real, because your spirit is connecting to another" You look at the girl, surprised that she can read your thoughts, but then again, apparently you can control powers. "So why were you crying?" "Because the Dark Mistress has taken over my body" The girl answers. Just then, you wake up.
  8. You go downstairs to find Hector preparing your favorite meal. "I didn't know you could cook!" "Ya, well its one of my many qualities" Hector answers. "How was your night?" Jason asks, breaking off from the conversation he and Aleris were having."Weird" You answer. Just then Jay comes in. "Weird dream?" "Ya, there was this little girl in a white dress and silverish hair crying, and when I talked to her, she said she would hurt me un-intentially." "How old was the girl?" Jason asked, a cloud forming over his face. "About six. She said The Dark Mistress had taken her body. Why?" you answer. Jason just leaves. You frown. "The girl you saw is his little sister" Zaniel explains.
  9. Then, you hear a shout from the living room and a window clattering. Then, you hear a little girl shout, No! and nothing. Although you can see the battle, you can't seem to hear anything, or do anything. Then, its black, and after a while you can feel yourself being lifted.
  10. You feel a damp cloth on your forehead, and you feel as if you're being pulled back from a tunnel. (By the way, you fell on the ground when the window shattered) You open your eyes to see everyone crowded around your bed, looking concered. "What happened?" you ask weakly. "The window shattered because of the heat and you got hit with a piece of glass." Aleris explains. "No, I saw a battle." you say. "There was a battle, but don't worry." Zaniel says. "Some vamps found us and attacked. If it hadn't been for Zaniel, we would have all been dead, except for you." You look confused, so they decideto explain everything to you. "_________, the Dark Side wants you because once your trained, you can't be destroyed, at least not completely. So they'll try to convince you and train you to be on their side."
  11. "Umm...So those were vampires." you say. "Yes" "And I'm in terrible danger." "Yes" "Wow" You tell them you need time to think things over, so they leave.You lay in bed and fall asleep. "Wake up!" says the little girl from your last dream, and you hear footsteps. You wake up immediatly only to find a bird flying at your window. Thinking its Jason and wondering why he didn't use the door, you open the window. The bird comes in and turns out to be a shapeshifter... but not Jason. He turns into a human, and you suddenly realize that Jay and the boys are banging on your door, trying to get in, but the shapeshifter's blocking it. "My name's Sam, you?" "_________" You answer grimly, and suddenly your hands are on fire! But it doesn't hurt! So, you try to shoot at him, and manage to hit his arm! Go girl! The second one hits the door, and now your out! But the flame weakened the door and your friends come in. Looking scared, Sam turns and fies out the window not well, leaving you exchausted.

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