LA Summer Love Story, Part 3: Jayson and Me.

Welcome to LA Summer Love Story, Part 3: Jayson and Me. This edition of LA Summer Love Story features Jayson as the main interest. You will see a side of Jayson you haven't seen before.

Although this quiz features Jayson, you still have a 20% chance of ending up with 4 other guys. Well, I hope you like it, and choose your answers wisely! And please check back for part 4!

Created by: AddiBabyy

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  1. Who did you go to the Summer Ball with?
  2. It's one week after the Summer Ball now. You're still reminiscing on what an amazing time you had that night. But now, sadly enough, Josh and Tyler are both on vacation with their families. (In other words, they're not in this quiz.) They still call and text you constantly though, so no worries. You didn't lose them.
  3. Lately, you've been spending all your time with Jayson, and some of his friends!
  4. This morning, you woke up and went down to the beach. As soon as Jayson saw you, he yelled "HEY BABY GIRL! COME JOIN US!" He was leaning up against a wall, holding a cigarette, and talking to Bryce, Jack, and Jimmy.
  5. Bryce is a really buff guy with shortish, dark brown hair, pretty brown eyes, and a cute smile. He wears fitted tee shirts that show off his muscles. He's holding a can of Red Bull, wearing a dark grey fitted tee, baggy jeans that are cute on him, and he's barefoot.
  6. Then you notice Jack. Jack has long-ish black hair. He uses his hand to push it back out of his face every few minutes. It's pretty hot. He has a perfect jaw line. His eyes have a tinge of anger and torment in them. He's wearing a plain white tee shirt, black leather skinny jeans, and black boots. He's holding a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other.
  7. When you walk up and join them, you say "Hey, Jayson. Hey, Jimmy." Jayson hugs you. Jimmy stands there smiling at you awkwardly and shyly. Then Jayson says "This is Bryce, that's Jack." Bryce looks at you and says "Hey there, beautiful." You say...
  8. Then, Jack laughs and punches Jayson in the shoulder. "So this is your hoe?" But then he looks at you and your eyes meet, and it's kind of a magical moment.
  9. Very quietly, Jimmy says "Hey, uh.. Jack... that's kinda rude, bro."
  10. Jack throws his cigarette down on the ground, and steps on it. "Watch your mouth, Jamie." Jack says. "Uh, it's Jimmy..." Jimmy replies. You say...
  11. Jayson pulls you by the arm and takes you for a walk down the beach. "Sorry about my friends, _______. Boys will be boys, right?"
  12. Right then, Bryce catches up with you guys. "Hey, Jayson! ________! Jack got pissed off and stormed away! And I think Jimmy decided to go home."
  13. Then you and Jayson and Bryce sit down. Jayson is smoking his cigarette and Bryce is still drinking Red Bull. Jayson offers you a smoke, and Bryce offers you a sip of Red Bull.
  14. As you're sitting there, Jayson says "_______, if it's not obvious enough, I am really, like super really, crazy for you. All summer I have liked you and I just don't know what to do about it anymore." But then Bryce butts in and says "Wow.. I was gonna ask you out.. but I can't take a girl my friend likes.. I'll leave you two alone." and he gets up and walks away.
  15. As you walk back to your Aunt Lisa's house, Jayson shouts to you "This doesn't change anything, ________, I really like you!! See ya tomorrow!"
  16. Right as you are settling into your bed, Aunt Lisa yells to you "Hey ______, someone is here to see you!" Annoyed and ready to sleep, you walk downstairs to find Jack leaning against the doorway.
  17. As you walk towards him, he says "Look, ______, I'm really sorry about earlier today. Also I'm sorry I couldn't get here earlier. I just got off work. But I've been wanting to apologize. I didn't mean to call you a hoe, and I didn't mean to start anything with your friend Jamie. Plus, I think you're really hot, and I know you can't resist me." He walks into the house.
  18. He steps closer to you and leans in to kiss you.
  19. When Jack leaves, you go back to your bed and can't stop thinking about him. You kinda hate him but you kinda love him.
  20. The next day, you're over at Jimmy's house, playing air hockey and flirting. He says "I don't like that Jack guy. I mean, I don't hate him, but I hate what he called you and he can't get my freakin name right... what a jerk."
  21. That night, you have dinner with Jayson. He shows up, dressed nicer than you've ever seen him. Even nicer than how he looked at the Summer Ball. You sit down with him and say "Why are you dressed like that, Jayson?" and he replies "For you."
  22. Then he says "Listen, ______, really listen to me right now. I've told you a couple times, but nothing has happened... I really, really like you. Like, a lot. I try to stop. I try really hard, because I see the way you look at guys like Jack and Jimmy and them. But I can't stop. I won't be able to stop until you tell me we will absolutely never be together."
  23. After your dinner with Jayson, you walk down to the beach with him. Down there, you see Bryce, Adam, Jimmy, and Jack. All of them are looking at you and Jayson with jealousy in their eyes. STAY TUNED FOR PART FOUR. Who do you hope you get as your result?

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