LA Summer Love Story, Part 1.

This is just a quiz to take if you're bored and want to experience a fun love story. Find out which hot guy is for you! They're all hot, but you'll get to take your pick.

Yeah so, This is just a quiz to take if you're bored and want to experience a fun love story. Find out which hot guy is for you! They're all hot, but you'll get to take your pick.

Created by: AddiBabyy

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  1. You're packing up your bags for a wild summer at your Aunt Lisa's house. She's the coolest aunt ever, super careless, lets you do whatever you want.
  2. Your flight just landed and your Aunt Lisa picks you up at the airport. "Hey," she says, "ready for a fun summer?" You say yes, and she asks what you're most looking forward to.
  3. When you get to her house, you lay your suitcase on the bed in your room, and look out the window. You see your old friend Miranda sitting on the beach with four hot guys!
  4. You go out there and give Miranda a hug. She says "Hey! This is Adam, Jayson, Josh, and Tyler! They're going to my school next year!" You say...
  5. Adam says "Hey, nice meeting you," and smiles real cutely. He's a very attractive and muscular guy with short brown hair, and he's holding a football.
  6. Jayson nods at you and smiles a little. He has long, flippable brown hair, tan skin, and is wearing swim trunks and Vans.
  7. Josh says "Hey there, I'm Josh, nice to meet you." He's got flippy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a killer smile.
  8. Then Tyler says "Heyhey, I'm Tyler, a future actor!" He winks at you. He's got brown hair, and you can tell he's got a bubbling personality.
  9. After chilling with them for a little while, everybody had to go home except Adam, so you and him stay out there, sitting on the beach, talking. You find out he loves all sports, especially football. He's also quite charming.
  10. The next day, you walk out on the beach in a sundress. As you walk around, you spot Jayson sitting against a wall with two other guys, smoking.
  11. You kept walking, and found Josh sitting under a tree, playing his guitar. He sees you and shouts "Hey there! How are ya this mornin'?"
  12. Later on, you decide to go swimming. You wade out into the water, to where Tyler is. He goes "Hey chica, the water feels good, huh?"
  13. About two hours later, you're on the beach, drying off, when Adam approaches you and says "Wanna grab a bite to eat?"
  14. You're sitting at dinner with Adam, both of you feasting on cheeseburgers. He says "Yeah so, favorite sport?"
  15. When Adam drops you off at your aunt's front door later, he leans in to kiss you. You...
  16. After Adam leaves, you take a walk on the beach. You see Jayson, smoking again, so you walk the other direction. He sees you and runs up to you and says "Are you avoiding me?"
  17. As you start to walk off, he trashes his cigarette, and catches up with you. "Wait..." he says, "I think you're pretty."
  18. He looks into your eyes, and leans into kiss you. You...
  19. As you're falling asleep that night, you can't stop thinking about...
  20. The next day, you're watching a movie in your aunt's living room when the doorbell rings. It's Josh, he's holding roses.
  21. When you open the door, he smiles and says "Hey... I know we just met, but I saw these at the store, and thought of you so... here ya go."
  22. That day, you go have lunch with Tyler. You find out a lot about him. Like, he loves movies, theater class, swimming, dancing, and making people laugh.
  23. When Tyler tries to kiss you, you...
  24. After lunch, you walk on the beach, planning to go swimming, and then you see Adam playing beach volleyball with some kids you don't know. He asks you to join!
  25. Later on, you go with Jayson to a beach party. Everyone there is drinking and smoking. Jayson says "You're too good for this place. Wanna go somewhere else?"
  26. Jayson takes you to the diner down the street. You guys sit down at a table, and he orders a beer. Then he says "Do you like me as much as I like you?"
  27. The next day, you spend the whole day with Miranda, Adam, Jayson, Josh, and Tyler, and you have a great time. It was so much fun when you guys...
  28. This is the end of this quiz. Please stay tuned for part two! Who do you like best?

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