Summer Love part 4

Ah, Summer. A great time. No school. No homework. Nothing but ice cream, pool parties, beaches and...BOYS! Take this quiz to join into the story of a young teenage girl (you) falling for the boy of her (your) dreams.

But who is this special boy? There are only two special boys in this young girls' (your) life. Her best friend, Bryan and the hot bad boy of her school, Nick. Which one will she (you) choose? Bryan makes her (you) laugh and giggle when she (you) want(s) to cry. While Nick makes her (you) feel just...amazing. So which one is it?

Created by: heyilikepie

  1. Suddenly, it's all black. There is a huge, meaty hand over your face and it belongs to Nick. You bite his hand. "Ow!!" he shouts. That gives you just enough time to pick up your purse and cell phone and run out of the car. "Hey! You! Come back here!!" he growls, running out after you. You try to dial 911 but you trip on a fallen branch and sprawl to the ground. Your cell phone flies out of you hand and disappears into the dark.
  2. You hear Nick follow you into the woods that you ran in. You try your best to not make a sound. Soon Nick is just a few feet away from you. "Where are you?!" he shouts. "WHERE ARE YOU?!" You stay quiet. Then, Nick pulls out his cell phone and presses a button. Light spills out of his cell phone and he uses it as a flash light. He shines it right on you and grins evily. "There you are." he makes his way towards you. What do you do?
  3. He gets closer and closer and finally, you can't take it anymore. You get up you and kick him right in the stomach. "Ow!!!" he cries and falls down. His cell phone falls. You reach down to pick it up and start to call 911 when Nick grabs your leg. "You b--ch!!" he cries, dragging you back to the car. He put his cell phone back into his pocket. Just then, you see bright headlights.
  4. The car stops just a few feet away from Nick's crapped up one. But then you see the car better. And it's not Bryan's. Four boys climb out, grinning. You recognize them. They're part of Nick's "gang". "Woo! You caught a real good one!" one of them, a boy with dark brown hair hoots. Nick grins. "You know it! Go toss her in your car, Eric." Nick tells the guy with the brown hair. "Gladly." he grins and pins your arms behind your back and leads you to the car. You kick you legs and one kick lands right on his knee. He stops for a moment, holding his hurt knee but then gets back up. He looks like he's going to kill you. He raise one hand as if to smack you. "Wait!" one boy shouts. You turn around to see that it was...
  5. It's a tall boy with blonde hair and green eyes. He's part of Nick's "gang". "Wait!" he says again and rushes to your side. You're confused but you don't say anything because you're afraid of getting in trouble again. "Stop, guys. Really, i can't watch this. Just leave her alone." he says. "WHAT did you say, Cole?" Nick barks. "I said leave her alone!" Cole says strongly. "WHAT?" Nick steps closer to Cole so they're only inches away. "I'm not scared of you, Nick. For years i've been watching you beat up and abuse people and i'm sick of it. I'm done with this stupid 'gang'. DON'T lay a finger on her." Cole yells.
  6. Nick laughs. "So i can't lay a finger on her?" "No!" Cole yells. "So you mean i can't do...this?" Nick asks. Do what? Suddenly, you feel a big hand strike your face and it hurt. Badly. Nick had just slapped you. Right across the face. "Ow!" you whimper. "That's it-" Cole mutters and attacks Nick. Nick falls on the road and Cole starts punching his stomach. You watch this go on for about a minute when Nick grabs Cole's hand and throws him to the ground. He gets up and starts to kick him. Everywhere. You can't watch this. Even though you barely knew Cole, he stood up for you and you couldn't watch him get hurt. You wrestle out of Eric's grip and push Nick away. He comes back. "Not you again, b--ch!" he cries. "Eric! Kevin! Tyler! go lock her up! I'll take care of Cole." he says.
  7. Eric and another boy, Kevin, grab your arms and legs and are about to toss you in the trunk when the third guy, Tyler, walks up to Nick, who's still brutally beating up Cole. "Dude, just stop." he says. "What? Now you're going against me, too? I TOLD you to go and toss that girl in the trunk!" Nick shouts, and stops beating up Cole. Cole has a black eye and a bloody nose.. He quickly takes the opportunity to get up and run next to Tyler's side. "No," Tyler says. "I'm with Cole on this one. This is disgusting. Do you see what you are doing? You used to be cool, man, now you're just... now you're just an a--hole. Come on Cole, let's get outta here." Tyler mutters. He grabs Cole and they walk back to their car and just before they do, Nick yells, "Not. So. Fast. Come back here!" "No!" Tyler yells. "Eric, Kevin, go fetch 'em for me." Eric and Kevin drop you and make a dash for Tyler and Cole. Tyler and Cole run to you swoop you up and tell you to get into the backseat. You hesitate for a second, wondering if this is all just a set up, but then Cole says, "Trust us!" You climb into the car, Tyler in the driver's seat and Cole in the seat next to him. They start the car and it rolls along the road. You see Nick shout something to the other two boys and the three of them run into the Nick's car. Nick speeds up right behind you. The car never even had a flat.
  8. ~~~~~CLIFFHANGER!!~~~~~~~
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