Summer Love Change 3

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Hey guys you had enough positive comments written to me that the first minute i woke up i wrote part 3!!!!hope you enjoy this awesome sequel and i know you wanna find out who mystery boy is!!!

well i guess i better put this out and i hope you guys attack this as soon it's on this is going to e spectacular and sorry for leaving you on the suspense!!!

Created by: cokepepsi1211
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  1. In the last part you accidently got hit and the boys stopped fighting and turned to stare at your reaction.
  2. Present:your reaction to that hit is what?
  3. Well let's say you just sit there staring at them then Carson comes down form upstairs and sees you on the floor with your hand over your cheek and the guys staring guilty at you fists still raised.Carson says "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED ?!?!?"he asks say...
  4. After that you finally go to bed.And have a nice dream.In the morning (it's a saturday you:WOOHOO!!!!Me:i know!!!=D)You get up and whatever time you wanna get up.what do you wear?
  5. After you get dressed you go downstairs for breakfast and say good morning to the eat what...
  6. Warner says you have training with him after you practice and master with his element he wants to show you a surprise he says close your eyes and when you open them you see a beautiful garden filled with Roses,Honeysuckle,and're thinking..
  7. After you finish looking at the beautiful view you see Warner looking at you.He then leans in and kisses you're thinking...
  8. After that it's time for dinner you're eating Spaghetti and meatballs and Daniel says you train with him after this you're thinking...
  9. After dinner you go outside to the porch to wait for Daniel then you see something in the shadows moving.It's a boy your age with Light brown hair and Gold're thinking...
  10. Just then Daniel comes out and....Sorry guys you have to wait for the fourth one.Please rate and comment if you want me to make it!!!

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