Summer Love Change 4

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Hey hope you like these quizes!!!!recap you're are in a Mansion with four extremely hot guys and you are in danger because you are a controller!also because they all fallen in love with you!!!!

these are the personalities:Justin-sweet,kind,and caring.Daniel-a player,protective,funny.Warner-thoughtful,cunning,and passionate.Carson-shy,quiet,and lovable.

Created by: cokepepsi1211
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  1. As Daniel was coming out you saw a teenage guy with Light Brown hair and Gold eyes and Daniel saw him too.For some reason Daniel yelled "CARSON!!!!".As Carson got out here you were still studying the guy.Carson says Justin?is that you?what are you thinking?
  2. you ask who is this Carson?he says this is my cousin Justin.Justin this is Crystic.Hello Crystic says Justin and kisses your hand very polite but you saw a mischevious glint in his're thinking?
  3. you ask what is he doing here?Carson says he would like to join the game for your heart and loyalty.okay,well i have training to do with Daniel and need to get going.just be in before midnight says Carson.after you finish training with you're element you go get into what kind of PJ'S?
  4. when you go to bed you dream of what?
  5. In the morning you get up (it doesn't matter if you're still asleep dress in your dreams.)dress in what?
  6. today is school and what do you eat and who do you sit by?
  7. But today is the last day of school me:YAY!!!!!!so it's a half day and on you're last period Justin (who's now in your period)asks you out you say yes.Justin goes away with a huge smile on his're thinking?
  8. You get home and the boys have a meeting with you and find out that he controls the element earth!!!!!after the meeting you run up to your room and put on what for the date?
  9. When you go down stairs you see Justin's eyes almost pop out!he says you look really say thank you.the guys know you have a date with Justin and says good bye with sad think...
  10. He takes you in his White Hummer and pulls into a fancy restraunt.before you go in he leans in close to you and says....Sorry cliffhanger i hate them too see part five to get what he says!!!

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