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  • How much do you hate school?
    [published: Dec 20, 2010, 3 comments]

    There are many people who tell me they hate school.Well how much do you hate the school that you……

  • Are you pretty or gorgeous
    [published: Nov 30, 2010, 3 comments]

    there are many people that think beauty is only in the inside and think that they're ugly because……

  • Summer Love Change 4
    [published: Jul 09, 2010, 12 comments]

    Hey hope you like these quizes!!!!recap you're are in a Mansion with four extremely hot guys and you are in……

  • Summer Love Change 3
    [published: Jul 08, 2010, 4 comments]

    Hey guys you had enough positive comments written to me that the first minute i woke up i wrote part……

  • Summer Love Change 2
    [published: Jul 07, 2010, 5 comments]

    Hey guys hope you read this one too.i got better results and figured out the whole thing so i hope you like……

  • Summer Love Change
    [published: Jul 07, 2010, 6 comments]

    This is another quiz which you are a teenage girl in a choice between three are also in danger and……

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