How much do you hate school?

There are many people who tell me they hate school.Well how much do you hate the school that you have to go to each day?!?!!?See if you are some kind of hater or a nerd.(no offense)

Are YOU a hater or a nerd try this quiz to fingd out!!!!There are many things that you hate but is school the thing you hate the most?!!?!(it is for me.)

Created by: cokepepsi1211

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  1. Do you like doing the homework they give you?
  2. Do you zone out when the teacher is talking?
  3. Do you hate about almost all the staff?
  4. Do you like their caferteria food and their lunch ladies?
  5. How many tests or exams do you get each year?
  6. Do you like their uniforms?
  7. What subjest do you think is the most boring?
  8. Any of the teachers hate you?
  9. How many times do you think of falling asleep?
  10. Do you like where your school is positioned?

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Quiz topic: How much do I hate school?