7 heavenly minutes! (DIRTY!)

NOW! & mins in heaven! VERY DIRTY! To understand the end listen up. If you are a boy, look for where it says BOY!:, and read that. If you are a girl look for GIRL!:. GOt it, ok! EXSAMPLE!

BOY!: THis is th boy result. It is quite the same to the girl result! This is about a girl and you both play 7 mins. GIRL!: This is the girl part. It is about a boy and you both play 7 mins. It is like the boys!

Created by: alicenjonesbtt

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Right, please read above to understand how this works, or you will get confused!
  2. OK! So, pick a number
  3. Pick a letter
  4. Pick a school topic
  5. Pick a colour
  6. Pick a holiday
  7. Pick a celibration(?)
  8. Pick a singer
  9. Pick a song type
  10. Pick something

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