Which VIRTUE are you?

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Have you ever heard of the word, VIRTUE? If you do not, it simply means GOOD or RIGHT or MORAL. It's also categorized to SEVEN HEAVENLY VIRTUES. If you're unsure what a virtue is or what the seven heavenly virtues are, play and have fun with this quiz until the end.

Before you play this quiz, ask yourself "do I have what it takes to reach the heavens or my virtue?" Tell me WHICH VIRTUE YOU ARE? At the end...The results will reveal one of your seven heavenly virtues, so what are you waiting for? GO! Reach the heavens, fly, grasp your virtue!

Created by: Necho
  1. What would you rather do over the winter holidays?
  2. When do you usually sleep? Answers might or might not effect.
  3. What do you want to be when you grow up? If there isn't a correct answer for you, well suck it up and pick one! What, are you choosy or somethin'. Answers might or might not effect.
  4. Choose a respond for this question... Why would you bring kittens in my kitchen!?
  5. Choose a respond for this question... Can you babysit and take care of my bunnies? I have other duties to do.
  6. What's your favorite animal? Me, I like pigs because they're adorable, chubby, and they OOOOOINK! Do you also like pigs?
  7. Pick any name that's listed below: (It might be bizarre at first but at the end you'll uncover its facade. Maybe not....)
  8. What do you think your fault or error in your life is or was....?
  9. Music is quite interesting, don't you think? Do you love music? What's your favorite genre? TELL ME TELL ME! Seriously tell me.
  10. Are you okay with this quiz?
  11. Will you repeat this quiz again?

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Quiz topic: Which VIRTUE am I?