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Responsibility. It is an important virtue to have, yet it is very difficult to acquire. Responsibility is how well you take control of your life to do what is expected of you. There are few people who have mastered this virtue, but those are some of the best people to be around. Are YOU one of those people.

Are your parents ever talking about how irresponsible you are and how you need to learn to handle your responsibilities? If so, this quiz can help you prove them right, or wrong. It will also give you some advice on what to do to be more responsible.

Created by: Quinn Leonard
  1. Do you do your chores?
  2. Do you do something when asked?
  3. Do you procrastinate?
  4. Do you think about the consequences of your actions and take the blame for them?
  5. Do you eat healthily?
  6. Do you take notes?
  7. Do you study your notes?
  8. Do you volunteer or have a part time job?
  9. Do you do drugs or smoke?
  10. Do you waste time when you need to study?
  11. Do you do what is expected of you?
  12. If your friend is doing something bad do you egg them on?
  13. Do you listen to your teachers when they are teaching you something?
  14. Do you help even when you aren’t asked?
  15. Do you try to be responsible?
  16. Do you hand in assignments on time?

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