Golden Bell Winter Camp Love No3

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Your parents are out on yet an other honeymoon for a month, and they aren't taking you. So they send you to the Golden Bell Winter Camp. You are just about to arrive with your friends, Emily, Diamond, Joe-Lisa, Nark, Steve, Oliver and Elliot.

Yes, it IS yet an over one of those quizzes where you end you with a guy at the end of the whole thing, but this is only part two, so you don't know much about the guys yet.

Created by: spacedustchaser
  1. You are on the train to Golden Bell winter camp with Mark, Steve, Elliot, Oliver, Emily, Diamond and Joe-Lisa. You and Diamond decide to dress up as gladiators and pretend to be ghosts to scare others on the train and the train suddenly stops. The tall man you saw earlier on (in part 1) goes through the corridors shouting 'It's okay! We've just stopping for fuel, engines back on in 5' Diamond sighed 'I thought something exciting was gonna happen..'. You guys play ghosts for a 2 more hours than go to the food wagon for dinner, then back to the room to go see everyone.You all watch a movie together on Oliver's laptop, but what movie do you want to see?
  2. You all go to sleep after the movie. Who do you dream of?
  3. Morning! The landscape outside is frosty, and empty, but you see a big forest in the horizon. You hear a voice in the corridor saying 'We're arriving in 1 hour, get ready and don't leave anything behind!' You and the girls get to the clothe wagon first, what's your outfit?
  4. All you girls picked your outfits and walked back into the rooms, all the guys stare at you in silence for a bit, but Steve breaks that silence with 'Well, us guys better get dressed properly if we're competing with that' and a laugh, and they all walk out. On the way out, Oliver winks at you, as if complimenting on your outfit. Your reaction?
  5. They leave too fast for you to react, so it's just you, Emily, Diamond and Joe-Lisa packing. The guys come back 10 minutes later and you all chat till the train stops. You all get out of the train and find yourself in a really cute train station, which is actually clean. You are all guided to a big shuttle bus, you sit next to Emily, with Joe-lisa and Diamond in the next row, and the guys behind you. It's a short trip,and you finally stop at this big wooden arch with fake snow on top of it, the arch has a sing which reads 'Golden Bell Camp' You've arrived. There's cheering and sighing in the bus, and the bus stops in a small car park. You get out your luggages and follow the crowd. Steve Comes up behind you and starts to chat with you. 'Busy on the bus, huh?'
  6. You just said 'Yeah..' 'Can't wait to see the rooms!' he tries to change subjects 'Me neither....' he sighs. 'So. What's your favourite color?' 'That's a bit random! 'Bah. Random isn't bad, so, what's your fav' color?'
  7. 'Cool stuff' he laughs 'Hey _______ Are you s-' Steve gets cut off by the tall man screaming 'Follow me, we're going to the main hall.' Your in the middle of the crowd so you just follow everyone. 'So, what random question were you going to ask me this time?' you ask 'Er... Just forget it. Hey, do you watch scrubs?'
  8. Whatever you said, he replied 'Oh,' (Or, if you picked the shower option, you just shook your head instead of saying it outloud.) You continued walking through the camp, it was frosty a bit, but it had lots of pine trees, and you saw a few wooden houses, probably your rooms, or activity rooms. You go on walking for an other 2 minutes till you arrive to a big, long building, made of wood too. Everyone goes in, the walls where a creamy color, and there where folded tables on the walls, ready to be set up for lunch, a rather small and round lady, in her forties, wearing a grey suit and her blonde hair put in a low ponytail was standing on one of the tables at the back of the hall, she had a micro phone. 'Welcome' she boomed 'This is Golden Bell Camp' Steve says under his breath 'Oh really?' 'Lunch in an hour, check the list outside for your room'
  9. You walk outside with everyone else, rushing to the list, you are in room 10, with the same people on the train, so Steve, Oliver, Mark, Elliot and all that. You make your way out of the crowd and see Mark, Emily and Diamond, 'Oh hey, what room are you in?' Emily asks 'We're all in the same room, room ten, should we head off now?' 'Sure' Mark smiles.'Hey, need any help? That bag looks heavy.' he continues.
  10. You walk for 5 minutes, and find a little wooden house with a golden 10 on the door, Emily jumps up and down and rushed to the door, shortly followed by you and Diamond and Mark. She opens the door and OHBOYYETANOTHERCLIFFHANGER What a shame. Come back for part 4

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