Epic Summer Part Eleven

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Welcome to Part Eleven! In this episode, You, Michael, and Emily all go out on a horseback ride, which doesn't end very well for any of you...

Recap: So in Part Ten, a massive storm blew over the camp. While talking, you and Isiah accidentally revealed the fact that You, Him, and Emily all snuck into the burned cabin after dark.

Created by: James Bond
  1. Smoke. You can still smell it. It's almost like you were there when the fire went off. You are in deep thought until you are brought back to reality with "(Your name), you feeling alright?" Emily asks. "Huh? Oh, I'm fine..." you mumble. You, Emily, and Michael are heading down to the ranch, it was Michael's idea to go horseback riding for the day. Thoughts?
  2. After not much of a walk, the three of you make it to the barn, where you were scheduled to start on the trail at 11:30 AM. The two ranchers introduce themselves as Bob and Kate, as they take you out to the horse pen. From where you are standing, you see four different horses: a massive white one with black spots, a big brown one with white spots, a tiny black one, and an average size plain white. Which one do you choose?
  3. As you mount up the Brown and White horse, Bob and Kate teach you the ropes. What to do if your horse starts getting out of control, how to bring it to a stop, how to get it going, ect. after the three of you are done with the briefing, Bob and Kate start off towards the trail on their horses. Looks like it's up for grabs who leads behind them. Do you mind leading Michael and Emily?
  4. The five of you get off to a god start. You notice that some of the trail leads through the ominous woods which lead to the burned cabin. Not only that, but you think you actually see the cabin itself. Something inside you skips a beat. You suddenly get a pounding headache just looking at the ruins of the once standing cabin. The smell of smoke comes back to you, so strong to where you even begin coughing. "You alright there, (Your Name)?" Michael asks, a bit worried. The smoke grows stronger. Thoughts?
  5. As you pass view of the cabin, the smell instantly stops. Everything is back to normal. Your horse doesn't seem alright though. He must have felt something too. Your horse begins neighing wildly, and is beginning to slightly buck. Thoughts?
  6. Getting control, you try to do what you were taught, and yank on the horse rings. Maybe a little too hard. This just makes it go out of control even more, and if it wasn't for the saddle, you'd be on the ground and probably trampled by your own horse. Your horse's outburst just makes all the others act up as well, even the two professionals can't control theirs. Something's wrong. Do you turn back?
  7. Despite the problem, the five of you don't turn around. The trail goes on for about 10 minutes, until you wind safely back to the ranch, and off the horse. Thoughts?
  8. Just before you, Emily, and Michael can leave, your horse manages to give you one last hoof-kick to the back, sprawling you on your face, probably getting it's revenge for you pulling on it so hard while you were riding it. Ow. Emily quickly helps you up, while Bob and Kate apologize. The three of you walk back to your bunks, shaken. This quiz is to be continued :P
  9. So right now, you are just a bit over halfway through the series. This means you have nine more until the end :P
  10. Good luck in Part Twelve... BROFIST

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