Epic Summer Part Twelve

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Welcome to Part Twelve! In this episode, you are looking forward to watching Emily, Sean, Isiah, and Sam play in their band in front of the entire camp. However, a twist changes all of that.

Recap: So in Part Eleven, You, Emily, and Michael all went out on a horseback ride. What was supposed to be a fun trip turned eerie when you pass the burned cabin across the trail...

Created by: James Bond
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  1. Day Ten of the camp. Today is the big day where Emily, Sean, Isiah, and Sam get their band together and play for the entire camp. "You guys think you're ready?" you ask Sean. "Oh yeah. Emily's just an amazing singer. Sweetest voice I've ever heard," he replies with a wide grin. The performance is supposed to be done on the lake, a massive raft is going to be holding up the band, the shape of a massive canoe. "Speaking of which, where is she even?" Isiah asks, strumming his bass guitar. "Huh, I don't know," Sean says with a frown. "Hey (Your Name), care to do me a favor?" He turns to you. "Shoot," you say. "Would you go be a bro and go down to Emily's cabin? Maybe she's hanging around there..."
  2. Making your way over to Emily's cabin, Alyssa outside on a large rock, talking with a bunch of her other friends. You wave as you walk up to her. "Hey 'Lyssa (a nickname your friends gave her). You seen Emily around?" 'Lyssa looks you up and down, and says with an annoyed tone "Oh, you didn't hear? She came down with something nasty. She's chilling in our room right now. Won't be going anywhere for a while. Why do you ask?" You stop for a moment. "She knows she has to sing tonight, right?" you ask cautiously. "Well, not anymore," 'Lyssa says with more tone. Thoughts?
  3. You sprint back to the lake where Sean waits, lounging on the giant canoe raft. "Where's Emily?" he asks, still laying down. "'Lyssa says she's sick... she's not coming, bro..." you say, bracing for impact. All three of them stop. "Hm say that again?" Sam asks, a confused look on his face. "What do you mean she's not coming?! She's our lead singer!" Sean protests, on his feet now. "Man what are we gonna do..." Isiah mumbles. "Sam. Can you sing?" Sean asks with urgency. "No way man, I'm sticking with the guitar..." Sam says, backing away. Sean brushes his hair back in frustration. "Oh! Wait I got it! (Your name), are you much of a singer?" Sean asks, his face lit up with hope. Uh oh... You know where this is going...
  4. "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!" you shout. "(Your Name), Please! We need a singer, man! Just this once, bro!" Sean is on his knees. After some thought, you change your mind. "I guess..." You mumble. You are bombarded with constant "Thank you's" from the three of them. "What time?" you mumble again. "Right after dinner, like 6:00 or something," Isiah grins. Great, you have three hours. Any thoughts?
  5. "So what kind of songs we playing?" You ask at dinner, Emily missing still. "Well, Sam's gonna be singing the first song, 'Paint it Black'. This camps really big on old classic rock songs, so there's gonna be a ton of those," he replies. "That ok with you?"
  6. Dinner goes by in a flash, and before you know it, there you are on the stage, microphone in hand. Once it quiets down, the four of you begin. Sam starts off singing his "Paint it Black" Rolling Stones song, and actually does pretty well. But all that's over in a flash. You're up next. Sean, standing up from his drum set, mouths the words "La Grange". Great, you know this one. Sam and Isiah start off with the simple guitar riff. Well, this is it. You start off strong, which is good. "Rumor spreadin' round... that (Fill in the blank) town...
  7. The song continues, Isiah and Sam letting loose. You start getting more confidence. "Well out here it's fine, if you (Fill in the blank)"
  8. Alright, so your first song was great. But you have a ways to go still. Sean mouths "Misirlou" to you. Another good one. What is this song gonna be like for you?
  9. Alright, that one went pretty well. Sean holds up the number one to you, implying that there is one song left. He then mouths "My Generation", an old "The Who" song that you learned from history of rock and roll class one day. Obviously, you start immediately. "People try to (Fill in the blank)"
  10. The rest of the song goes by pretty smoothly. A huge applause erupts at the end. You have a feeling everyone's gonna know who you are now. You all take a gracious bow. Thoughts?
  11. Alright, this quiz is to be continued :P

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