Epic Summer part four

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Welcome to part four of Epic Summer! In this episode, you will meet some of your other friends while eating dinner down at the mess hall, and you will also learn of a very serious rule that the camp has...

Recap: So in part three, you finally made it to the camp, and were assigned your upstairs room, which is shared with Sean, Michael, and Isiah. Good luck!

Created by: James Bond
  1. The line for the mess hall (The mess hall can be seen in the quiz picture) extends all the way to the lake. Luckily, the four of you completely book it from your cabin, across the lake, and to the front doors of the mess hall in about 45 seconds. New record. Entering the mess hall, Isiah turns to you and says with a smile "The one thing I like best about the camp is the food..." "What'd you mean?" you ask, curious. "You'll see what I'm talking 'bout when we get up there," he says with another grin. When you eventually receive your tray and approach the food, you see what Isiah meant: the bins of food goes on forever! With main course choices, they have bins set out for Cheeseburgers, which are exceptionally good according to the heavyset Michael, some pizza, which was Sean's pick, a nice little steak, which was Isiah's choice, and lastly, we have some hearty looking salad filled with fruit and nuts. Well then, take your pick!
  2. After getting your dinner, the four of you sit down at a nearby table happily. Any requests on who to sit by?
  3. Regardless of who you sat by, there is a vacant seat next to you. Excluding the one next to you, there are about five seats open all around the table. All of those are taken when another group who you haven't seen before sits down: three guys and two girls. One of the two chicks sits next to you, wavy blonde hair, green eyes, a bright smile, pale-ish, and skinny. Thoughts?
  4. As it turns out, these five people are good friends of Sean, Michael, and Isiah. Michael introduces you to the new group. "This is Quinn, I guess you could say he's the 'funnyman' of the group or whatever," he says, motioning to the brown haired boy next to him. "You guess?" Quinn asked sardonically. Michael shrugs it off and continues. "Here we have Roy. But last year, we gave him the nickname Bone for being so thin." He motions to the pathetically tiny boy next to Sean, who gives you a shy nod. "Then then there's Sam right there, he's the councilor's son," Michael says again, pointing to the thick auburn haired boy, who gives you a friendly grin. "There's Alyssa over there, she's more of Emily's friend then ours. Frankly, I find her annoying," Michael smiles, pointing to the black haired girl beside the blonde next to you. "Funny how you find ME annoying, Michael," Alyssa says, glaring at him. "And that brings us down to Emily, she sings sometimes in the camp band," Michael motions to the blonde next to you, who smiles back at you. "I know what you're thinking, yes, she's single," he laughs jokingly. Single? Thoughts?
  5. After about ten minutes socializing with your new amigos, an older gentleman makes his way up to a stage seeming area at the end of the mess hall. He grabs a mic and starts off with "Alright everyone, attention please, settle down... For you newbies out there, I'd just like to introduce myself: my name is Bill, and I'll be your camp director for these next few weeks," he says, speaking in a deep, southern accent. "Now while I want you all to have the time of your lives here, need I remind you that we DO have certain rules here..." he begins. Uh oh. Thoughts?
  6. "Ok, so I'm sure you all know the basics. However, we have a couple more rules that we saved to address you in person so that we made sure there were NO misunderstandings. First off- and this will be a new one to you rookies- there's a vacant cabin that we used to use out to the woods in the west. Let me be clear: if anyone is found within the area of that cabin, you will be severely punished..." the whites in Bill's eyes show signs of utter seriousness. Thoughts?
  7. Emily sees the confusion in your face and whispers softly into your ear "Couple kids accidentally burned that cabin down a while back, killed a bunch of the people in the cabin. It's always been a myth that they never left, if you know what I mean..." Ok, creepy factor!!!! You must have missed Bill's other rules, because he sounds like he's wrapping it up. "Other than those limitations, you can all expect to have the greatest summer yet. With the exception of my boy Sam over there, who's gonna be doing quite a lot of work this summer..." He smiles, gesturing to Sam at your table. "What? Oh this is Crap!!!" Sam yells back, getting laughs. Everyone has just about finished up dinner here. While all of your other friends look like they are heading back to the cabins, Emily motions you to come with her up to the snack bar. Who you go with?
  8. Ok, this quiz is to be continued :P
  9. Ok, so thanks to gotoquiz user MrsMellark, the voting for the polls says that I should make 20 in this series, with the vote for 15 right behind them. However, It's not too late to vote!!!1111!!!111! (Fail with !!111!!). If you vote, I will give you a shoutout in the next quiz! KK?
  10. Good luck in part five... BROFIST

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