What should you do this summer?

Yes! Summer time! Palm trees and beaches,going to bed at 3 and waking up at 2 and just having a blast,or,the exact oppisite? Maybe you spent all year just goofing off

And now you have to make up for it in the summer.So this quiz is basically just telling you,or giving you a heads up on what to do this summer if your pretty clueles,enjoy!

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  1. So how were the past few months for you?
  2. Ever been out of town in the past months?
  3. What do you think of your town?
  4. How were your grades this year?
  5. Did you have a great time with your buddies?
  6. Did you work hard this year?(be honest here)
  7. Do you tend to stare when you see someone diffrent in the city,or get really excited for a new store?
  8. Wanting to earn money? Like..are you needing any?
  9. Did this year seem long to you?
  10. Overall,how do you wanna spend your summer?

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Quiz topic: What should I do this summer?