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  • Are You A Goth?
    [published: May 4, 2013]

    Greetings ghouls,are you the black smudge of the face of the earth? Whats that? You are uncertian? Well well,good…

  • What the hell I'm bored
    [published: Feb 3, 2013]

    Yeah I'm bored and had nothing to do well I actually did I'm just terrible like that I'm gonna go shave…

  • How Well Do You Know Me?(update)
    [published: Jul 20, 2012]

    Hello,this is one of those quizes.This one is more of an update since some things changed since…

  • What should you do this summer?
    [published: Jun 2, 2012]

    Yes! Summer time! Palm trees and beaches,going to bed at 3 and waking up at 2 and just having a…

  • What Silly Creature From My Mind Are You?
    [published: Mar 21, 2012]

    Ah yes,fictonal goofy creatures from my mind.They've been in the darkest pit of my…

  • The Wicked Awesome Quiz
    [published: Sep 23, 2011]

    Hallo there,are you bored? Got nothing to do? Me too.Which is why I made this quiz.Its pretty much fille…

  • What Type Of Book Are You?
    [published: Aug 27, 2011]

    There are many books out in the world,either if its Horror Fiction or a Simple Biography of someone…

  • What Should You Be For Halloween?
    [published: Jul 19, 2011]

    Halloween,that time of the year when everyone dresses up and walks around the streets at night…

  • What Monster Will Kill You?
    [published: Jul 10, 2011]

    Aliens,Vampires,Demons of all shapes and sizes are out there to get you when your alone in the dark…

  • What Horror Movie Should You Watch?
    [published: Jul 9, 2011]

    Hopefully you love Horror if you're taking this quiz,cause thats what this quiz is all…

  • What Should You Be Buried With?
    [published: Jul 7, 2011]

    The hands of death will capture us all one day,maybe today or tomorrow.We will never know.But…

  • What Monster Are You?
    [published: Jul 6, 2011]

    Monsters,Horror,and Darkness.3 of the worlds greatest things ever.Though have you ever wondered what it…

  • 13 Minutes in Hell(Part 3)
    [published: Jun 10, 2011]

    This is 13 Mintues In Hell PART 3,if you haven't yet I'd suggest taking 1 and 2 first,just for the…

  • Whats In Your Closet?
    [published: Jun 8, 2011]

    Ah yes of course,the classic.Monsters in the closet,fear of the dark.Admit the majority of us been atleast…

  • 13 Minutes in Hell(Part 2)
    [published: Jun 6, 2011]

    If you've tooken my first version of this quiz,this is pretty much the same thing,except with diffrent…

  • 13 Minutes in Hell
    [published: Jun 4, 2011]

    You've heard of 7 minutes in Heaven,well now ya got 13 minutes in hell,this is no lovey dovey romance…

  • How Much Are Me And You Alike?
    [published: Jan 9, 2011]

    Um,this quiz is to see how much we are similar to eachother or something,if we are then thats cool…

  • Which Of My 3 Guitars Are You?
    [published: Nov 29, 2010]

    I am an extremely huge fan of music, I own like 3 guitars all are freakin awesome and mean so damn…

  • Would I Date You?(Girls only)
    [published: Nov 27, 2010]

    Okay this is another quiz that was made out of boredom so don't take it too seriously or…

  • How Well Do You Know Me?(second part)
    [published: Nov 24, 2010]

    Okay if you took my first part of this quiz"How Well Do You Know Me?" and passed it you'll…

  • What Way Will You Die?
    [published: Nov 23, 2010]

    The world aint a safe place now is it?theres alot of crap going on with people either its drunk…

  • What Type Of Band Should You Be In?
    [published: Nov 20, 2010]

    Alot of people want to be in a band either if its metal,rock,or pop or rap,but then agian…

  • How Well Do You Know Me?
    [published: Oct 24, 2010]

    Okay so how well do you know me I'll give you a hint my nickname is sick but thats not a question on the…

  • Are you bored as I?
    [published: Jul 15, 2010]

    Okay,this quiz was made out of boredom and I havent made a quiz in a while so why not?Its like 2:30AM so this…

  • are you going to hell?
    [published: May 17, 2010]

    ok if you are wondering if you are a goodie goodie or a nightmare on elmstreet this quiz that i have…

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