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  • Your Result: Scream

    You walk into the closet,sighing,you hate this game,you rather 'die' than play it,words can be powerful.Bored as you are,you look around the closet,maybe you'd find something pretty cool to mess around with,you find this ghost like mask,along with a black cloak,you laugh,thinking it looks funny,but when you tried to pick it up it seemed liked someone was already in it,you freak out and back away and try to escape from the closet,your cell phone ringsyou answer it'hello?' you say,voice trembling,"Are you all alone?" the voice in the phone answers back,you drop your phone and turn around,the masked man takes out his knife and slahes you across the mouth,you scream in pain,then he guts you like an animal and you fall to the ground,and...the 13 minutes are up

    Awwww =( Poo

  • I really like your quizzes. I got Chucky. 10/10 for being awesome once again. Keep this up and you'll be just as famous as Kish!

  • I got scream.

    sick, you are awesome at making quizzes. hehe I like how you said the plastic knife was a good knife in the choices for a question x}

    great job. again. :)

  • Damn clown. That is why I was always afraid of clowns! But truly awesome quiz

  • Great quizzes. I keep dying in them though xD

  • i got childs play xD i looooove that film:'3 theese quizzes are awesome !

  • Childs play


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