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  • pissed off big time!
    "Why can't people just completely be nice? Though arguments are fun I cba for them! Shut up and stop bringing it back on my best friend! B!tc..."
  • ohwow!
    "I haven't been on here for ages!!♥"
  • my families so messed up!
    "my mums disabled. her mum(my nan) hates her at the minute, i only have two best friends that actually care. my lifes a tip+everything has al..."
  • "Name- a day after me:D"
  • "I go back on the 6th Septemberr,so like 3weeks?"
  • "leah xD kish xD madi xD +frizzy_hair_girl"
  • stereotypes...
    "@delicio- i know three of my bestfriends are indian+they all get stereotyped as bad people+once it was so bad one of them attempted suicide+..."
  • stereotypes...
    "exactly. Im me+thats all i am."
  • stereotypes...
    "i hate stereotypes, BUH;when im talking about a certain group of people sometimes i have to use them so that theese people know what im goin..."
  • hellooo:3
    "howss everyone?:)"
  • hellooo:3
    "hows peoples?i havent been on for awhileeee!"
  • ma lyf iz so purfect.
    "@madi- okay, :) hey remy XD"
  • ma lyf iz so purfect.
    "yay, shes gone. @remy- i dont know you, but you dont seem fake, and she's called me and some others fake on another thread."
  • ma lyf iz so purfect.
    "@ihc-oh'god-_- so you start on me then you go round calling other people b****es , yeah go and get a life, you wish. NO ONE is perfect and i..."
  • a thread..
    "@madi-yeah,im okay im glad i got it out without people i know judging me;/+thanks @klingon- yeah"

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