how old do you act

there are many quizes on the internet. but few are true.this quiz is one of those my quiz you will find out how mature you you act like a baby a teen or an adult take my quiz to find out.

thanks to my awesome quiz you will find out how mature you act.i hope you like the results that you get.also dont forget to take my other quiz what is your personality type.i hope you like this quiz:).

Created by: jrs

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. can you cook
  2. what or what was your favorite subject in school
  3. which of these would you rather watch
  4. what is your favorite thing to do
  5. can you baby-sit
  6. do you go blah blah blah at someone when you are mad at them
  7. do you complain a lot
  8. did you like my quiz
  9. will you rate
  10. quiz over

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Quiz topic: How old do I act