what is your phobia

There are so many phobias. do you think you have any? Take this quiz to see if you have a phobia listed.Just please don't answer SCREAM for every question.

Do YOU like pie?If you do I don't really care because this is a quiz about PHOBIAS. If you didn't hear me I said PHOBIAS. See what kind of weird phobia you have!

Created by: 18erivan

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  1. do you like animals
  2. if you were asked to go to a puppet show then you would...
  3. your asked to go outside you
  4. your outside when an eclipse happens you
  5. you wake up with the sun shining you
  6. you see a monkey you
  7. when you eat toast you
  8. choose
  9. tomato
  10. Steve is

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Quiz topic: What is my phobia