The Phobia Quiz (Do not cheat)

Phobia. What is it? Do I have one? Do I know what they are, even? Do I know what agoraphobia means? But really, do I want to know? Do I want to learn? Really?

If so, come on and take this quiz! Learn some new phobias, like potophobia, and zelophobia, or just refresh your mind. Hey, it's just for fun, right? :)

Created by: lucky9girl
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  1. What does apiphobia mean?
  2. What does siderophobia mean?
  3. What does zelophobia mean?
  4. What does microphobia mean?
  5. What is the longest phobia name?
  6. What does olfactophobia mean?
  7. What does potophobia mean?
  8. What does wiccaphobia mean?
  9. What does dinophobia mean?
  10. What does ergophobia mean?
  11. What does emetophobia mean (Which I have)
  12. Did you cheat?

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