Kuno's Tolkien Quiz

Test your Tolkien knowledge! Are you a REAL fan of The Lord of the Rings? Or did you just see the movies and think that Legolas was super-cute? Here is your chance to prove your mettle!

Take this ten-question quiz. Please don't cheat by checking Wikipedia or the Encyclopedia of Arda. Uh oh -- I just told you how to cheat. Well, DON'T! The Professor would not approve.

Created by: Erik Even of Kunochan.com
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  1. Sam, Merry and Pippin formed a conspiracy to aid Frodo in leaving The Shire. Who was the fourth member?
  2. The man called "Sharkey" who takes over The Shire is better known as...
  3. Why is it that Gandalf was able to return from the dead after the battle with the Balrog?
  4. How are Aragorn and Arwen related?
  5. When they married, what were the ages of Aragorn and Arwen respectively?
  6. Who was NOT one of Bilbo's companions on the Quest of Erebor?
  7. Which famous elf is best known by a Dwarven name?
  8. There were two places called Minas Tirith. One was in Gondor; the other was...
  9. Who destroyed the Two Trees of Valinor?
  10. Galadriel is really, really old. She is older than...

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