The Lord of The Rings 'General' Quiz

The world of Tolkien is so vast and complex, professors and scholars have been studying his works for years! The Imagination and pressure that comes from experiences a part of that knowledge is enormous.

I have no prefesions when it comes to Tolkien, but I am a fan, and I get upset when people who arn't fans pretend they know all there is to know about Middle Earth, so I set up this quiz to see if you have the right to Brag! Its just for fun, and please forgive me for my spelling. Enjoy... And please rate and comment when you're done, Thank you!!!

Created by: Ruben
  1. In what year was the Lord of The Rings the Two Towers released in cinemas?
  2. What is the name of the ent that aided Merry and Pipin as they first entered the Forest of Fangorn?
  3. How old was Bilbo Baggins at his Birthday Party in the Fellowship of The Ring?
  4. What is the troll a mutation off?
  5. In what age was the ring destroyed?
  6. How many rings did the Dwarves receive?
  7. What effect did the ring have on Tom Bombadil
  8. What was Gandalf's (or the horse he rode)'s name?
  9. What was Golum's real name?
  10. In what country was J.R.R Tolkien born?
  11. From what MYSTERIOUS source did J.R.R Tolkien 'obviously' find the book, The Hobit HINT: There and Back Again, a H....
  12. Who is Souruman
  13. What was the spider creature Frodo and Sam came across in the lair?
  14. Who is J.R.R Tolkien's son?
  15. Which of these is evil in Middle Earth?
  16. Right, Second last question... How many Rings (not any old ring, THE rings of Middle) Earth are there in total
  17. Last question: Who was the elf princess that fell in love with who (rightful king of Gondor?

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