Red Sox Baseball - Quiz 1

I decided to kill time by creating a Red Sox quiz. I posted it on Facebook and decided to share it all around. It isn't much, but it is actually from my memory - which is saying something!

I think these questions are fairly easy and you can certainly find the answers if you Google - but, as they say, "Cheat, cheat, never beat!". (Not that you all would ever cheat!)

Created by: Cyn

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  1. Which Devil Ray did Pedro Martinez hit, causing a brawl, during his one-hitter in 2000?
  2. In that same game, which Red Sox player was targeted by the Devil Rays pitchers in an attempt at payback, getting HBP twice with multiple other attempts?
  3. In 2001, which Red Sox player broke up Mike Mussina's perfect game (with a pinch hit) in the ninth inning with two outs?
  4. Which Red Sox switch-hitter became the first in MLB history to hit two grand slams - one from each side of the plate?
  5. Who caught each of Roger Clemens' 20-strikeout games?
  6. Who was the current ownership's first pick for General Manager before offering the job to Theo Epstein?
  7. Which two pitchers threw perfect games while pitching in Pawtucket?
  8. Only one Red Sox player was playing and on the field both in 2004 and in 2007 as the Sox won the World Series. Who is he?
  9. Which player once celebrated his birthday by hitting three home runs in a game at Fenway Park?
  10. In his last season as a Red Sox player, Trot Nixon used various songs from one artist for his at-bat music. Who was the artist?

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