Baseball quiz #1

Take this baseball quiz. It's a quiz about baseball. For some reason this website wants me to write over one hundred characters in a paragraph about my quiz. That's ridiculous. It even told me I couldn't do that (explain what I was doing to waste space) so I had to reword a few things to beat the system.

This is paragraph 2 of why you should take my baseball quiz. I even had to fill out a "parting words" box to complete the process of making this quiz. I just want to finish. Where's finish at???

Created by: boxofcommons of boxofcommons
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  1. What is Ty Cobb's lifetime MLB batting average?
  2. True or False? The Mets won a World Series in their eighth year of existence.
  3. Besides Philadephia what city did the Atheltics call home before Oakland?
  4. Which came first?
  5. In what year did Eddie Gaedel, all 3-foot-7-inches of him, pinch hit for Browns' leadoff hitter Frank Saucier?
  6. What year did inter league play, during the regular season, begin?
  7. What was Joe Dimaggio's game hitting streak in 1941?
  8. What year did Jimmie Foxx win the A.L. MVP?
  9. Did Babe Ruth bat left or right?
  10. What is Albert Pujols rookie year?
  11. How many batters did Nolan Ryan strike out in 1973?

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