2008 Start Up Quiz

This is a quiz for out little league baseball team, testing the player's baseball knowledge of history and random facts. These are meant to be fun and to spark an interest in the history of the game.

Please take the quiz and see how you rate with baseball facts and history. Even if you don't know all the answers you can use these quizes to learn interesting baseball facts and history. You won't be disappointed.

Created by: Webster

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  1. Who managed the Minnesota Twins for more seasons than anyone else?
  2. What pitcher holds the major league record for the most consecutive saves?
  3. What major league player had his autograph branded into a Louisvile Slugger baseball bat first?
  4. In 2004 what hitter broke Bobby Bonds' single season strikeout record by being fanned 195 times?
  5. What uniform number did the crowned prince of baseball comedy Max Patkin wear?
  6. Name the only Chicago Cub to ever win 2 batting titles.
  7. Name the only brother combo to finish first and second in a major league batting race.
  8. What is Cy Young's real name?
  9. Of all the players who spent their entire career with one team, who has the most homeruns?
  10. Who was the first president to attend a World Series?

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