2008"s greastest stuff

Only a few americans go outside and play aroung out ther for more than two hours. I no wat your thinking. "I go outside" Well let me ask you this: do you go outside to go to your car or play?

Think your truley a 2008 person.. THIK AGAIN! Take this quiz to find out if you live in the 2000s or the 1990s or some other time period you created! Please take the quiz o see wat you have to do to be alittle modern.

Created by: avery

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  1. Do you go to a party,sit down, and take myspace pics?
  2. when was the last time played solitare with real cards?
  3. Is the reason for not staying in touch with friends it because they don't have AIM?
  4. Would you rather search the whole house all day for the remote rather than pressing the button on the T.V.?
  5. Is your evening activity is to sit at the computer?
  6. Do you have a pordable music device?
  7. When was the last time you sat kon your porch?
  8. Are you to stupid to relise that guitar hero is WAY different from actully playing guitar?
  9. Do you even own a CD?
  10. Does your house have Wi-fi

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