What kind of Apl are you?

There are 4 Apls for the year 2008 in the maris stella phantom scout unit. Kieron, Ashton, Zhi Yong and Jao Wei.What characteristics does each of them have? Which one are you?

Which APL 2008 MSHS Phontom Scout Unit are you ? Are You Kieron, Perhaps Ashton, Maybe Zhi Yong, or possibly Jao Wei? Or are you someone else. Take the quiz to find out ?

Created by: Kieron Gabriel

  1. You see an old lady crossing the street.She seems to be struggling. What do you do?
  2. You are Speaking To your junior. He is sad. You need something done. What do you say to him ?
  3. There is a Sale on stuff. What do you hope it is ?
  4. You are Playing an RPG. What type of character do you choose?
  5. What is the best explanation of your favourite colour?
  6. What Scout activity are you good at?
  7. "..." What do you say?
  8. What best describes your character?
  9. You are in medieval times. What weapon do you choose.
  10. What Subject do you hate the most?
  11. Who is Your Favourite APL?
  12. Which APL do YOU want to be ?
  13. Was this Quiz FUN ?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Apl am I?