What kind of cat are you?

Most people have cat-like qualities - some people are even described as being "feline". So what kind of cat are you? Are you....snuggly? aloof? cranky? or just plain crazy?

Whether or not you're a cat person, knowing the kind of cat you are can influence your life-direction. Not really, that's just me having delusions of grandeur. Look! Over there! I'm changing the subject inconspicuously!!!

Created by: katja
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  1. What is your first thought in the morning?
  2. If you suddenly see something shiny on the ground, what is your reaction?
  3. If your significant other scoots closer to you, what's your thought?
  4. Someone is walking about with one shoe untied. What is your reaction?
  5. Water. Friend or foe?
  6. Do you know in which room all the residents of your household are whenever they are home?
  7. Would you rather:
  8. You find a real live dustbunny. You:
  9. Would you describe yourself as easily amused?
  10. Small spaces are:
  11. If you could pick a super power, it would be:

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Quiz topic: What kind of cat am I?