how well do you no baseball

Do you thing you no everything you should about base ball then take my quiz. If you just started to enjoy baseball probaly not a good quiz for you it was hard for me and i made it.

If you are a red soxs fan you might have a tuff time cuase they SUCK! But good luck try your best and ill tell u now its not a easy quiz at all. i had to get questions from my baseball books.

Created by: ryan
  1. what was the name of the play that made the redsoxs trade babe ruth to the yankees?
  2. whos the best team in baseball... its so easy!!!
  3. When was baseball inventied?
  4. who invented baseball?
  5. which of the following pitchers has pitched a no hitter and lost the game?
  6. What was the ferthest home run ever recorded in major leauge baseball?
  7. What is the record for the longest baseball ever thrown?
  8. which of the following pitchers holds the record for most wins
  9. Who pitched back to back no hitters
  10. as of 2007 who holds the record for single season home runs

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Quiz topic: How well do I no baseball