Baseball History

The purpose of this quiz was to celebrate the theme of Joseph's Bar Mitzvah-Baseball. Baseball has been an important part of Joseph's life ever since he was five years old. He loves being on a team and contributing to its success. Joseph is a very skilled first baseman and very dependable and tenacious hitter.

This quiz was skewed toward Pittsburgh Pirate fans, although many baseball fans could correctly answer many of the questions. Whatever your score, have a great season.

Created by: gary
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  1. Who was the Gunner?
  2. What Pittsburgh Pirate was nicknamed "Chicken on the Hill"?
  3. Who did the Pirates play in the 1960 World Series?
  4. Name the last Pittsburgh Pirate to win the National League batting championship.
  5. What was a bloop and a blast?
  6. What was Roberto Clemente's jersey number?
  7. What is the name of the Pirate's manager in 2007?
  8. What was the name of the field where the Pirates played before PNC Park was built?
  9. Which Pirate pitcher threw a no-hitter for 13 innings?
  10. What position did "Smokey" Burgess play?

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