Which popular baseball team are you???

There are many good baseball teams out there, but only a few are very popular. To this quiz there are four possible outcomes. There are also 12 easy questions. This quiz now makes it simple to figure out what baseball team you need to root for.

So do you want to take this quiz? I would. So now you can answer one question: Which baseball team of the United States of America would I be? Time to find out that answer.

Created by: jake
  1. Do you have lots of cash?
  2. Are you popular?
  3. Does your favorite baseball team get to the World Series very often?
  4. How loyal are your friends?
  5. What position is your best player?
  6. Pick a letter.
  7. Pick another letter.
  8. Is your favorite baseball team going to do good this year?
  9. What is you favorite item out of these:
  10. What is your favorite climate?

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Quiz topic: Which popular baseball team am I???