Do you know anything about phobias?

What is a phobia? It is an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. An irrational fear of a specific thing or group. Phobias are no laughing matter.

How much do you know about phobias? Do you even know which phobia is which? Take this quiz and see how you score. "I do not aim to offend anyone with this quiz." But goodluck gtq users!!

Created by: TayuyaTerra
  1. What's Arachnophobia?
  2. What's Acrophobia?
  3. What's Trypophobia?
  4. What's Thanatphobia?
  5. What's Atychiphobia?
  6. What's Alektoriphobia?
  7. What's Aphenphosmphobia?
  8. What's Bananaphobia?
  9. What's Euphobia?
  10. What's Autophobia?
  11. What's Vehophobia?
  12. What's Theophobia?
  13. What's Globophobia?
  14. What's triskaidekaphobia?
  15. What's podophobia?
  16. What Apiphobia?
  17. What's cacophobia?
  18. Whats Barophobia?
  19. What's Pyrophobia?
  20. What's achondroplasiaphobia?
  21. Last question : What's Phasmophobia?

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Quiz topic: Do I know anything about phobias?