What Is Your Weird Phobia?

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has fears and EVERYONE has stupid fears too, no use hiding it, so don't even think about hiding it. This quiz is the finder of your stupid fear!

What stupid fear do you have? Or want to fine out as badly as I want to know? (That sounds a lot better in my head by the way). Well now your chance!

Created by: Lilytoes
  1. What do you hate most out of these?
  2. You see something yellow, are you scared?
  3. Go to YouTube and pull up a video of someone screaming.
  4. You just realized your in love. What do you do?
  5. What is scarier?
  6. You wake up, what runs through your head first
  7. What are your nightmares mostly about?
  8. Be a good person and face your fear! (Effects results)
  9. About the last question.. I lied it had no effect! XD. But this one does.
  10. Three more and we are done! So.... Tell me something scary about your past
  11. WARNING! Who ever will be getting the results must not be the one to read, have someone else read it to you starting NOW. (Make sure to scream/yell this) BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Okay what did the person getting the results do?)
  12. Now just to make sure, who ever is getting the results still can't read this. Throw a piece of anything yellow at them then tell me what they did.
  13. Still the getter of results can't see this. Write them a love letter and sign it with someone else's name and leave it under there pillow, make up a reason to leave and stuff and then call them like it's important like "Unh, you might want to see this!" Or something. What they do?
  14. Still getter of results can't see. Tell them I told you to tell them about the time you DID see them asleep (even if you didn't see them asleep, we need this to be real) how they handle it?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Weird Phobia?