Do you have a cockaroach phobia?

Some people have extreme feelings against a certain thing or animal. Some feelings that come over us is fear . Extreme fear is called Phobia. And Cockaroaches are vile creatures in my opinion!! -____- NASTY!!!!

Do YOU have a have a cockaroach phobia? Maybe just a tiny bit...take this quiz and find out just how terriffing these vile creatures are to you...

Created by: fatii96
  1. When you walk into the restroom and you see one of these nasty critters you...
  2. Do you think you can keep one of these roaches as a pet?
  3. Do you breathe fast when you see a roach?
  4. Are roaches nasty?
  5. Could you kill one?
  6. Right before you go to bed, you see a roach running across the room, and under your bed...
  7. Okay since the quiz is done... Uhh, Bye?
  8. Comment?
  9. Rate?
  10. Bye!!!!

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Quiz topic: Do I have a cockaroach phobia?